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If a guy tried to sell you a car but when you looked up the VIN it showed up as repossessed can you buy the car from the repo people if you tell them where it is or will they not sell it to you?



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No. The Car Doesn`t Belong To The Repo Man. That's His Job, To Get It Back To The Loan Company. Bank, Ect. If You Can Find Who Holds The Note On The Car You May Work Out A Deal With Them. Myself I Suggest You Stay Away From This. It Could Be More Than Reposessed. Best To You


This is a tough one because if you turn the guy in and the guy figures it was you, you could get more than you bargained for. Then again you could get a deal if you tell where the car is to the repo people, maybe even a reward, but it would benenfit you to know exactly how much is owed on the car so that the repo/car lot people don't try to sock you for the full amount instead of what is owed. They will sell it to you either way.