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A hamster squeaks if it is annoyed or frightened. It will make a clicking noise when it's happy and content. :)

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What does a rhino sound like?


What sound does a baby mouse make?

A mouse squeks

What sounds does a cat like?

anything that jingles or squeks

When was Mean Hamster Software created?

Mean Hamster Software was created in 1985.

What is Mean Hamster Software's population?

Mean Hamster Software's population is 17.

What is the population of Mean Hamster Software?

The population of Mean Hamster Software is 2,009.

What does un hamster mean in french?

it means hamster

Is a rotastak hamster a dwarf hamster?

there is no such thing but if you mean a roborovski hamster yes its a dwarf

If your hamster runs away from you does that mean it's scared of you?

If your hamster runs away from you, it might mean that he or she is afraid of you, but it might also mean that the hamster is simply not trained. You can train a hamster to come to you by rewarding the hamster with food each time it climbs onto your hand.

What does it mean when a lone hamster makes a screeching noise?

well that may mean your hamster is badly hurt or is unwell you should take your hamster to a vet.

What kind of hamster food will make your hamster sick?

anything but salami i mean it too! your hamster will die!

What does it mean if your hamster is wetting excessively?

it is probably diabetic :( i had a diabetic hamster it is probably diabetic :( i had a diabetic hamster

What does it mean if your hamster is hyper?

It might mean that your hamster is active. So if a person says that then that's what might have meant

What does it mean if your dwarf hamster has a hump on back?

it might mean cancer because my hamster had a lump on the hand and it died.

What does it mean when a hamster drags his paws?

It can mean a variety of things. It could have injured its paw or it is really tired. It can also mean that you have an old hamster.

What does it mean when a hamster throws up?

The Hamster is sick, and it needs to be taken to a Veterinarian.

What does it mean if my hamster is chewing on its foot?

that just means your hamster has an itchy foot

What does hamster mean in Japanese?

Well, this is how you say dwarf hamster in japanese- ドワーフハムスター

Can you be related to a hamster?

No , because it would mean a family member married a hamster.

What does it mean when a winter white hamster is silent at night?

Perhaps the hamster is asleep.

Will a girl hamster kill or eat a girl hamster?

It depends on weather it's a mean hamster or not. Hamsters are usually better without other hamsters in the same cage. A mean hamster may kill or hurt another hamster if that other hamster has a lot of the human scent on it. If the human scent gets on a baby hamster, the parents will eat it.

What to do if your hamster has diria?

Usually if your hamster has diaria it mean it has wet tail and usually when a hamster has wet tail it dies sorry.

What does it mean when a hamster turns their back to you?

If a Hamster does that, it means it's either tired or will i say, mad at you. And, yes a hamster does have feeling's.

What if you pinch the hamster and it squeaks?

that would mean that when you pinched your hamster then you caused it pain. that is normal for a hamster to do if it has been hurt or injured.

Your Chevy van squeks at low speeds?

if it is a belt squeal, check and replace the serpentine belt and or the tensioner.

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