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Yes, the lapse must be less than 63 days. For CA Small Group Reform at see

2008-07-30 13:50:10
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Is cancer consider pre existing?

If you try to get health insurance and you have cancer, it is considered a preexisting condition.

What do medical insurance companies consider when determining your premium?

Preexisting medical conditions.

Is having a heart cathetor test considered pre existing condition?

Tests, of any kind, are not included in the definition of preexisting condition. You have to be given a definitive diagnosis from that testing in order to have a preexisting condition. If by having a heart cath test, it was determined that you did not need to have one placed, then you do not have a preexisting condition. For example, you may have an MRI/CAT Scan and then a PET Scan to determine if you have cancer, but if they find you do not have cancer, then you are not diagnosed with a condition, therefore cannot considered preexisting. I should add that, generally if a Dr. wants to evaluate for a heart cath, then you currently have or have had issues with your heart in the past. This may be something like a high percentage blockage, irregular heart beat, thickening of the lining around your heart, etc. This would be considered a preexisting condition and future insurance companies may determine that any intervention needed on your heart would be preexisting. However, insurance companies usually have a preexisting time frame (generally 12 or 24 months) in which a condition is no longer consider preexisting. For example, if you were diagnosed with a heart condition 13 months ago and the insurance company you are planning on joining policy is a 12-month limit on pre-existing conditions, then you are in the clear and the preexisting condition clause does not apply to you.

Is implanting stints a preexisting condition if there was no heart attack?

I think most insurance companies would consider this a pre-ex. It is still a required procedure for treatment of a medical condition. What they extend the pre-ex clause to in terms of what they will or will not pay for is likely unique to the individual carrier and their guidelines.

If there is a short lapse in health insurance coverage after graduating from college and you suddenly get a serious health issue will the next insurer consider this a preexisting condition?

For individual insurance, yes. You may be subject to exclusion of that condition, uprating, or even denial of coverage. For group coverage you have 63 days to obtain new coverage. For more details use this link. Don

If i had already had back surgery is it consider a preexisting condition when applying for ins?

Yes, it will be pre-existing. Probably what will happen is the insurance comapny will place a "rider" on your back. The rider will exclude coverage for any condition related to your back, and may even list specific areas of the back that would not be covered for any future complications. Some companies will still pay for the medication (if any).

What is a pre existing limitation?

A pre existing limitation is a medical condition that prevents you from receiving health benefits or insurance benefits. Insurance companies consider this before granting insurance or benefits.

Can I get a 25 year term life insurance policy for someone who has a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, unless your health condition is expected to be fatal in the next few years. However, if the condition shortens life span, your insurance rate will be higher. You could also consider life insurance through work or a mortgage payoff life insurance, which you can qualify for even if term life insurance is out of reach.

Is hyperthyroidism a pre existing condition?

Yes. It's a pre-existing condition. But it can be conditional. If for example you have hyperhtyroidism but was treated and it never reoccurred (you were not treated for it) for at least 6 months prior to enrolling for a health insurance, then the insurer won't consider it a pre-existing condition.

If after an auto insurance claim is settled and subsequent damage is discovered is the insurer obligated to resettle?

Very good question! Unfortunately, if the Settlement is already executed and money paid, there is nothing you can do. The only time you can possibly do anything is while the vehicle is being repaired and more damage (s) is discovered. Then you gat a Suplemental estimate, which the Insurance co. may consider.

Is it a good idea to have accidental death insurance?

Though many consider it necessary to have all types of insurance, it can be costly, and most likely you will never need it. When thinking about buying accidental death insurance, consider the need for it.

When should someone consider obtaining traveler insurance?

Someone should consider purchasing traveller insurance when they are planning on traveling and want to protect their possesions from the dangers of traveling.

Where can I find a list of appropriate life insurance agencies?

This depends on the type of insurance, and on what you are looking to get insured, there are many companies that you can consider to get your insurance from.

Is pregnancy a pre existing condition when enrolling in a group insurance plan?

NO! If you are having any trouble with group insurance and a pregnancy not being covered, contact your insurance commissioner's office IMMEDIATELY! Here's the deal: Under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) GROUP insurance plans CANNOT by law consider pregnancy pre-existing. For example, if your husband is working at a job for several years, and has never added you to their group insurance plan and then you find out you are pregnant, the plan MUST allow you to be covered during their open enrollment. If they do not, CALL THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER! REFERENCE: "Moreover, under HIPAA, preexisting condition exclusions cannot be applied to pregnancy, regardless of whether the woman had previous health coverage." from However, if you are on an individual health plan, this is all out the window. Be prepared for the insurance company to fight like mad if you've bought the plan within the last 12 months, they will attempt to get out of covering everything. Don't be afraid to contact your insurance commissioner and file complaints, it will lead to you getting what you deserve via the law, you are protected by it, so take advantage!

Which insurance companies would one seek if wanting more than home insurance?

One may contact a variety of companies depending on the insurance required. For health insurance consider companies such as Bupa and PruHealth. For automobile insurance consider companies such as Tesco or Churchill. For buildings and contents insurance one may consider companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Axa. One may also visit the 'MoneySupermarket' website to find further information on varieties of insurance and the best companies to visit for quotations.

Is pregnancy considered a preexisting condition if the person purchased insurance after they were pregnant but did not know they were pregnant?

Yes it is, still pre-existing, even if it wasnt to your knowledge. HIPAA is the law. Best chances for HIPAA to apply are if you go from a group plan to a group plan. Evidentally, individual to group and nothing to group are loop holes, so they can probably get out of it, or make you wait a certain amount of time. According to a Federal law that I found on the internet, GROUP health insurance cannot consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition if they currently have maternity coverage. However, this law does not apply to INDIVIDUAL health insurance. So, if you've changed jobs, and you now have a GROUP health insurance plan, then there is a good chance that you may be covered. I just recently got individual insurance through BCBS and I was pregnant and did not know when I requested maternity coverage. BCBS policy says that pregnancy can not be considered a pre-existing condition and their definition of a pre-exisiting condition is a condition that you can been receiving treatment and/or professional advice and help for for 6 months or more before opting for coverage. Also, they say that except for pregnancy all pre-exisiting conditions require a 180 day waiting period.

Why can't body piercers get liability insurance?

Most Insurance companies consider the body piercers to be too high a risk to offer insurance. In addition, Body piercing as a profession is such a small sector that most insurers do not consider it a large enough market to develop a specific insurance program for it.

Can seepage in basement be claimed on homeowners insurance?


What are the terms for vaiable life insurance?

You should consider life insurance that covers you for the amount you need. Term life insurance is one form of coverage.

Does AFLAC offer ski insurance?

Yes, you are in luck. The AFLAC does offer ski insurance for individuals who are interested. I highly suggest that you check them out and consider them for your insurance needs.

Is Lincoln insurance a reliable insurance?

"After doing some online reading of reviews and ratings for the Lincoln Insurance Company, I have determined that people do consider them to be a reliable company."

What should one consider when comparing cheap auto insurance companies?

The most important thing to consider when comparing cheap auto insurance companies is the companies reputation. This can be found out by reading the companies reviews.

What should you consider when buying homeowner insurance?

You should consider the area you are living in, whether your home will be prone to much damage. You should consider the cost, whether or not you can afford this insurance and whether or not the home is something that is only a short stop or somewhere you truly want to stay.

What are some good woman's insurance?

I think there's a company called diamond women's car insurance. If that's the type of insurance that you need right now then I'd consider diamond women's insurance.

Can car insurance exceed the value of the car you are insuring?

yes, if this us the case consider getting third party only insurance