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Something nice to eat(apples,carrots,mints-not too many!,bread etc) A pat/hug A kind word (Good Boy! Good Girl! etc)

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Are horses that are nibbling on each other getting along?

When a horses is nibling on another horse is a sighn of friendship. if the horse was nibbling in a mean way, the other horse would kick or somthing. this nibbling act is a way of grooming eachother. -georgia head horse administrator

Is mikey fusco dating Montana isgro?

I think so but I'm not sure I'm mean why would he she is amaizing and beautiful he desruves someone great

Are rats smarter than humans?

No. And why would you look up somthing like this are you stoopid or somthing GOSH!!!!!!!

What would you measure with milligrams?

somthing small

What would you go ewe for?

somthing nasty

Somthing you drink that starts with a j?

That would be: Juice.

What do you need for the moon to survive?

You would need somthing

What is somthing you would not measure in feet and inches?

your weight

Is a horse considered real property?

No. A horse would be considered personal property/No. A horse would be considered personal property/No. A horse would be considered personal property/No. A horse would be considered personal property/

What is the characteristics for a war horse?

the characteristics for a war horse would be that of a Belgium or a Draft horse . The Warrior horse would be large and very strong .

If a guy hides from you why would he do that?

maybe he is afriad of u or somthing like that

What is masculine of horse?

cheval (For "a male horse" it would be "un cheval;" for "the male horse" it would be "le cheval)

What horse breed eats the least?

I would think that would be the miniature horse.

Examples of predator prey relationships?

lion to horse. The lion would be the predator who hunts the horse, and the horse would be the prey.

What is the value of a 1940 Canadian quarter?

well if you were to buy somthing at a store its worth 1.00... but a local dealer would buy it for around 6$ so it is worth somthing.......

Can a single horse out run a 6 HORSE?

Naturally, it would depend on the horse.

How would you describe black beauty the horse?

A black horse.

What is the culture in Greece?

y would u ask somthing sutip like that

Is fart a verb?

I would think fart is a verb because your doing somthing....

Name somthing you would do to your lawn that you wouldn't do to your wall to wall carpet?


Name somthing Arnold Schwarzenegger would look funny wearing?


What is a prospect horse?

A prospect horse is a horse that someone would think would be good at. Like if someone bought a jumper prospect, the horse wouldn't have any experience, but the owner thought he would be good at it.

Is a horse a predator or a prey?

A horse would be the prey.

Parts of a horse you can eat?

why would you eat a horse?

If you where to sit on a horses back you would be on what aspect of the horse?

You would be sitting on the "seat" of the horse

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