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If a law is unconstitutional the supreme court can?

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Only reverse this decision. that is called judicial review.

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yes it is right
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The supreme court calls an unconstitutional law null.

If a law is challenged in court or is relevant to a case appealed to the US Supreme Court, and the US Supreme Court declares the law unconstitutional, it will be nullified, or overturned. Unconstitutional laws are unenforceable.

When the Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional, it is "nullified" and rendered unenforceable.

Yes, the Supreme Court can determine that a federal or state law is unconstitutional.

The SC can declare a law constitutional or unconstitutional.

"What?" indeed! If the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional, that ends it. The only ones who can overturn that are some future Supreme Court.

When law is said to be unconstitutional, it is nullified, or rendered unenforceable. The act of declaring a law unconstitutional is nullification.

The Supreme Court may declare presidential acts unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court can abrogate a law if they decide that the law is unconstitutional.

The judicial branch. Or the supreme court.

If the Supreme Court of the United States rules an Act of Congress or part thereof unconstitutional, it has no force of law thereafter.

The only court that can declare a law unconstitutional is the Supreme Court of the United States. This in done by the court reviewing a law and determining whether it agrees or disagrees with the U.S. Constitution.

Courts can judge legislative acts to be unconstitutional. This means that the Supreme Court can say that a law that the Senate has passed is unconstitutional.

The supreme court rejects or nullifies a law if it finds it unconstitutional. This means that the law shall not be utilized against or in someones favor. However, the law remains in the constitution until a suitable arm of the legislature amends the law.

No the Congress can not nullify a ruling of the Supreme Court. The Congress would have to rewrite the law which the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional. Then the new law could overrule the Supreme Court IF the new law was declared constitutional if/when appealed.

If there is written law in that country that lead to that,yes

It is not really a law. Rather it is the primary duty of the Supreme Court. It is called Judicial Review.

the u.s supreme court declares a law unconstitutional.

They can appeal to the United States Supreme Court to have the law be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court's right to judicial review.

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