If a man's coworkers constantly talked about how fine his wife was and made sexual comments about her how might this make him feel and what could she do to help?

Let's face it .. an all man workplace is the slush box for bad behavior. Many men will comment about a good looking woman and sometimes they aren't too nice about some of those comments (dirty talk.) It's the husband/boyfriend's place to stick up for her and nothing to do with the woman. For instance: The husband could say, "Yup, she's a fine looking woman, and she's mine, not yours! Clean up your act." If he ignores it, it will probably go away.

Somehow I believe this woman involved is enticing these men and enjoying the titillation of it all. If she doesn't like what is happening then stay the heck away from the men! I know what I'm talking about because I worked up at a dam full of 4500 men with 450 women, and I acted like a lady and was treated like one! I was respected and protected! A few of those men are still my good friends to this day and they come with their wives for a visit.

This woman needs to get over herself!



I think that the last person who answered has a negative outlook on women. That seemed like a rather insecure answer. I think that it is possible that a woman could run into her husbands co-workers at the store, or she might have to pick up his check or she might have to attend employee functions with her spouse. It is far fetched to think she could entirely avoid her spouses co-workers at all times. I also act like a perfect lady and at all times but people talk about how good I look all the time and not just men, women tell me I'm hot and ask how I do it at least once a week. My husband also endures alot of comments about my body. I do not show off or entice anyone. I realize not every one has this "problem" (such as contruction worker Marcy) and may not be able to understand that more attractive people just generate more sexual comments. I think it was out of line to blame the woman for her husbands co-workers actions. I know from experience that just having a fit body and a pretty face is enough to get you unwanted and unwarranted sexual harrassment. I also think that she should'NT get over herself, she is probaly confident and that just makes some people insecure. I know that when your attractive you get told your attractive more than less attractive people and you show that you are complemented alot in your actions.