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Some people can be allergic to alcohol while others can get just plain nasty when they drink. Most people that over-indulge in alcohol are usually pleasant, happy and out-going or simply pass out. Alcohol makes a person uninhibited so you are probably seeing the true side to this person. Anyone who "blacks out" and doesn't remember what they did is a danger. Accept his apology but tell him, "No thanks!"

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How do you handle it if your boss criticizes you about your work?

When a boss criticizes your work, you should remember that he or she is not criticizing you as a person. You should listen to the critique and apply the suggested changes, if possible.

If a person can not remember things after drinking dose that mean there a alcohalic?

Remember means that you are told something and you can putt it in your head and remember what it is for next time .

What is the legal drinking age in Lebanon?

The legal drinking age in Lebanon is actually 18+. But remember, Don't Drink And Drive!

What is a symptome of blackouts from alcohol?

A drinker is conscious while drinking but later can't remember some or all of what happened while drinking.

Will drinking water flush meth from your system?

Yes it will. Remember though that drinking too much water too quickly can stop your heart. (And also remember that Meth is a hell of a drug and that if you are doing it, you should stop before it kills you...)

What is a easy way to remember khdbdcm?

King Hecter Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk

What did soldiers do for entertainment in the vietnam war?

I remember drinking and movies. Listening to music also.

What is the easy way to remember the metric system?

King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk

Why are legs sore after a night of drinking?

you maybe did a lot of running/standing/stumbling that you don't remember

What to do after prom?

have a an after party with friends. that's what i did..a big get together music drinking and....a night to remember!

What is a good way to remember the metric units?

King Hector Died By(units) Drinking Choc. Milk

The long-term damage to the ability to learn and remember can happen at what level of drinking?

three drinks a week

In twilight what were the cullens and hales eating and what kind of drink were they drinking in the lunchroom?

I do remember that in the movie Rosalie had an apple in her hand.

Why do you still remember boudicca the iecn queen?

by her great victory! but also her brahvoury of drinking posion to sacravise her land.

How frequently should you be drinking water?

They say halve your weight and drink that many ounces of water a day. Remember you get some water from your food and drinking too much can cause health problems.

Can you catch the disease by smoking a cigarette or drinking behind them?

You can get lung cancer from smoking, and other different problems from drinking. Remember to drink with moderation and if it's not already too late, don't smoke.

Is drinking water in the morning good for health?

Drinking water at any time of the day is good for your health. Just remember to urinate frequently, or your bladder would burst. And don't drink water that is dirty.

Why say cheers before drinking?

you say it to remember the times and all of that in memory of... i do it all the time it makes me feel better

What is done in communion?

Christians will remember the death of Jesus by eating bread and drinking some wine (Generally small amount)

If someone is told what they did when drunk the day before will they remember it when they're sober?

Some people suffer memory loss when they drink and others do not. If a person suffers memory loss when drinking, they will not remember what they did. This can be a sign of alcoholism.

Does drinking green tea lead to pimples?

Remember, there are no dumb questions, only dumb people. Now go wash your face.

What should you eat when you have ringworm?

You should be drinking at least 20 cups of water per day. if you are medication, don't even think about drinking alcahol, and remember, if you have to come to an answer site, your doctor isn't doing a very good job.

Can a Christian who is drinking still have eternal life or loses it when he dies?

Yes Yes Yes... The problem is NOT drinking but drinking irresponsibly, and losing sight and control of what is good... If you have one drink with your meal and are not wasting family resources and not causing any trouble due to drinking, then you will receive eternal life... Do you remember Jesus himself was a social drinker and St Paul said that we can drink within limits??

Can drinking orange juice work to pass an oral drug test?

The tests will not be affected by drinking orange juice if you have used drugs. Remember the reason that these tests are given: the company wants to ensure that you are not a drug user and will not hire you if you fail the test.

Can you find out who reported you for Drinking and Driving?

No. Even if the person did give their name (doubtful) there is no way to find out. ------------------------------------------------- Remember it is the DUTY of any citizen to report a crime. If you had been drinking to excess and then driving, you deserved to be reported. How would you feel if you had killed someone!

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