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Not necessarily. I worked in "oil movements" for a pipeline company and the lawyers upstairs wanted me to work for them. I chose to stay with the men I was working for. I had to leave that company for health reasons, and 4 years later one of the lawyers remembered my good work in oil movements and phoned to ask if I would come to work for him. I was honored he would have thought of me, and I never ever thought there was anything to the offer other than I did my job well and he needed me.

You are the one that has answers to your own questions. If you have been seeing this man on either a friendly basis or more than that, then there is a possibility there could be more to it than just the job offer. If not, consider yourself a good worker.

Good luckMarcy

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Q: If a man has helped you get a job with him in the past and has asked for you to work with him again could that mean more than he just likes working with you?
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