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If a man isn't ready to settle down and fearful of the responsibilities of a serious relationship, commitment or marriage he may run away. Many men love a woman, but are fearful of committing to marriage because they see so many marriage failures around them every day or they fear giving up their freedom as a single guy.

Many women live for the big wedding day, while most men could care less about all the activity surrounding a wedding and the only day he might show some excitement is his bachelor party. If most men had their way they would just love to live with a woman and do as they want. I find it's sort of a challenge for women to set their eyes on a guy, then rope him in, let the rope out a little and then pull it back in hard and as the poor guy lays there stunned on the ground they are waiting for that big fat branding iron to hit them on the rump with "our initials" tattooed on their sweet little butts.

I admire men that just are honest about wanting to remain single. I have a dear male friend who is a sweet devil within, is a mini Hugh Hefner, and loves women, but will not marry. Once a year he has a lavish party for all his old girlfriends and his new girlfriend and they have a blast. My husband and I have been to a couple of his parties and are astonished how these women adore him and are willing to share him in every way. He is a mystical elf in my eyes, but a loveable one and I accept him for what he is ... loving, generous, honest to these women.


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Q: If a man is not ready to settle down will he run away from a woman that he really is in love with but is scared to be that way?
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