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If a man knows a woman has feelings for him would this make him nervous because he likes her or doesn't like her?

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2011-01-11 17:36:09

If a man knows that a woman has feelings for him, several things

are possible. Personally, when I know a girl has feelings for me,

depending on if I like her I'm nervous and excited. Those are two

feelings that come naturally when a man likes a woman and knows

that she has feelings for him. If a man knows a woman likes him and

he doesnt have the feelings towards her likewise, then another

couple of things could happen. Either he is repulsed by whoever

likes him because of personal reasons...either with the persons

personality or physical appearance, or he is upset at letting you

down because he views you as something of a sisterly daughterly

type. I have encountered all of these experiances.

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