If a man lasts only a minute in bed does he just have a problem or is he really turned on or what could be the cause for this?


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Many things can cause this from being extremely nervous to diseases such as diabetes, heart, etc. Some medications can also cause this. There are also some men that have premature ejaculation (this happens to men more than you will ever know.) If this continues it's best to see the doctor and work with him/her on this. Good luck Marcy ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== THINGS LIKE extreme nervousness and cardivascular disease (and others), generally cause a male to be unable to ACHIEVE an erection. It sounds more like premature ejaculation that he is experiencing, which is not all that uncommon. When a male is very much turned on and aroused, some times the least bit of stimulation will cause him to have an ejaculation ( like a few minutes of intercourse). I would recommend that one of you visit the local pharmacy, and where they stock condoms and lubricant, look for a product called "Maintain". There are other brands also. It is a cream or a gel that is applied to the head and shaft of the mans penis before intercourse. What this does is slightly desensitizes the penis and glans, and allows the man to maintain an erection longer, WITH stimulation, WITHOUT ejaculating within only a few minutes. This will prolong your enjoyment AND his. ALSO- condoms provide a bit of desensitivity to the penis as well. He should not feel funny about his situation, it happens to more men than would like to admit it! HAVE FUN!!


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