If a man says people have seen something between you two could that indicate his feelings go further than friends only?


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It has certainly peeked his curiosity and yours too by the sounds of it. Sometimes we don't see good things when they are right in front of us. What harm could it do to go out on a date, get to know each other and then decide from there. Both of you ... quite wondering, go out on a couple of dates and see where that leads you. If he doesn't ask you out, then you ask him out and let nature run it's course. If you are meant to be together you will be. Good luck Marcy


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Its something between friends, basicaly just a personal matter that only your friends can know about.

Friend's if one of your friends owns something. Friends' if 2 or more of your friends owns something.

Warmth can indicate a contented, comfortable feeling, as with family and friends. Alternately, it can mean feelings of love and romance.

Its definitely not something that is common. If you are having feelings towards your friends mom it may be best if you keep your distance from there.

Just tell him/her how you feel. Say I know we are just friends but I think I've started to develop stronger feelings for you, or something to that affect. The worse he/she could do is say no. It should be easier to confess your feelings to them since you are friends with them.

This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.

He hides his feelings due to both were married, so he wanted to be between her friends, only to see her.

Of course they could still be more. If you were exes, then you were together. If you were together, you had feelings for one another. These feelings tend to not go away.

It's not nice to start a fight between ANYONE. Because you can end up hurting people's feelings.

If a guy doesn't have feelings for you and you have feelings for him, just be friends. Maybe if he gets to know you, he may start to have feelings for you.

everyone has feelings for their best friends, its normal.

go and talk to her. tell her that real friends should treat people like that. and that it hurt your feelings or mad you mad or whatever that she would call you this "something"

You can definitely tell you best friend that you have feelings for them and that is why you can't be friends anymore.

yes Assuming there's no sexual attraction between the two, sure. Even if there is, one can choose not to act on those feelings, although that's different from the sexual feelings not existing in the first place.

Tell him that you know how he sees you and that you can understand why he wants you but that you are not looking for a relationship but would just like to be "friends" and leave it there. You don't want to jepordize your friendship. something like that.

a myth is something your friends tell you and a folktale is something your folks tell you

Easy: Find something to keep you mind of him/her. Find a new hobby or hang out with friends more. The less you think about them the more the feelings go away. Answer Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you fight the feelings that you have for someone. Sometimes, the feelings win.

If your friends want you to do something you have the right to decide if you want to or not and to spare their feelings just say, 'Thanks for the invite, but sorry, can't make it this time, but can I take a rein check?' This way they will won't stop asking you to go out again, but do not make a habit of refusing to go out with friends or they may stop asking you.

Either: * Talk to your friend if they will understand * Pretend you are really worried about it * Pretend you have something else on * Pretend to be sick

Respect her feelings. Just leave her at that level. Tell her you just want to be friends.

First ask them to be your friends and you are already friends say I have feelings for you

Expressing your true feelings should be an easy to thing do when you are with friends. Just sit down and be serious and let them know how you are feeling.

As soon as a friend hurts your feelings you should make it clear to them that they did so as soon as it is out of their mouth. Sometimes friends say things the wrong way and don't realize they have hurt their friend's feelings.

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