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I wouldn't read too much into it. There are lots of beautiful women out there. Don't get all self-absorbed and start believing that he should think you are the only good-looking woman he has ever seen or dated. Hopefully, he is saying this because it is true and he just wants to pay you a compliment. Of course, maybe he is just one of those smooth-talking guys who will tell a girl what she wants to hear so he can get what he wants (if you know what I mean). You will have to be the judge - sincere compliment or BS artist?

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What do you do if your boyfriend kisses his ex girlfriend and then tells you later that daynight?

You'll have to break up :( But it is the right thing to do.

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend but she treats him really bad She calls him names and tells him to fudge off?

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend who treats him, calls him names, and tells him to fudge off, the best thing to do is be his friend. You can also remind him that he deserves to be treated better.

What is a good thing to get your girlfriend?

A simple red rose with a sweet kiss on the lips and a beautiful necklace around the neck under the moonlight for valentines day.

What is the duration of The First Beautiful Thing?

The duration of The First Beautiful Thing is 2.03 hours.

When was Beautiful Thing - song - created?

Beautiful Thing - song - was created in 2005.

What is the word that tells us what a person animal or thing does?

A noun tells you what a person, place, animal, or thing does.

Things to say to tease your girlfriend?

Well, let's think about it here. What is every girls favorite thing? First thing herself and second thing herself. You can basically say anything about her, how pretty her eyes look, how beautiful she looks naked, or any other thing. As long as its about her.

What is the worst thing a guy can do to hurt his girlfriend?

The worst thing a guy can do to hurt his girlfriend is by taking her off his phone number then dumping her then flirt with another girlfriend!

What is the best thing to do to show your girlfriend you love her?

tell her you love her! girls like it and also tell her how beautiful she is remind her of how special she is to you and that youre glad to have her in your life. hope this helps. goodluck

When was It's a Beautiful Thing - album - created?

It's a Beautiful Thing - album - was created in 1997.

When was Beautiful Thing - film - created?

Beautiful Thing - film - was created on 1996-10-15.

Dream about an ex-girlfriend?

Doesn't mean a thing. Trust me.

What is the song in the anti car theft commercial from a few years ago that says look what I found in you you beautiful thing you beautiful thing?

The song is called "Beautiful" by Tendercrush

Does Nina have a thing for Fabian in house of Anubis?

Yes but she only admits it in the prom episode-they are SO sweet!x

What are ten examples of methaphor?

a golden coin is the sun shining in the sky my girlfriend is a beautiful flower you basically compare something to another thing without using "like" or any connective

What is the Latin translation for the word 'beautiful'?

Pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum (depending on the gender of the beautiful thing; a beautiful woman is pulchra).

Can my girlfriend be pregnant from this?

The only thing your girlfriend could be pregnant from is unprotected sex.

Who wrote the song its a beautiful thing?

== ==

What makes all gay people beautiful?

The thing that makes all gay people beautiful is the fact they they are human. It's the same thing that makes all straight people beautiful.

Is ever thing ok with you and your girlfriend or do you care to much?

I do not have a girlfriend, therefore everything is ok.

What system tells you what is going on in the world?

this is no such thing.

Is death a beautiful thing?

It depends where you are going... the experience is not that beaituful but the beauty of where your going is beautiful

What has no eyes mouth heart or brain but always tells the truth?

a truth thing that tells the truth

What is the best thing to do for your girlfriend?

Be yourself and be honest with her.

What is the most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend?

The most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend would be to propose marriage to her--but only if you mean it.