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Scientific Answer: There are no studies or statistics concerning this, so there is no way to provide a numerical value concerning likelihood.


1. Homosexuality is genetic. Do the research. It's been very clearly established as being rooted in the brain. Every leading psychological/neurological organization (the APA, for example) believes that it's genetic. Molestation can't "make" someone gay, but it can create confusion. Molestation victims sometimes wonder if they're gay because they've engaged in a homosexual act, even though it was against their will. Some children who had pre-existing feelings for members of the same sex are so repulsed by being molested that they avoid gay relationships in the future. In short, it can affect behavior, but it doesn't affect whether you're gay. 2. To whoever said adolescents don't have sexual preferences, you've clearly never met a gay person. I, and many of my gay friends, were attracted to the same sex at the age of 10, and in my case, at the age of 6. You can absolutely have a sexual preference as an adolescent. You can have one as a child. 3. It's not a choice. Just because you disapprove of it doesn't mean it's a choice. You can't say it's a choice without knowing how it feels. Trust me, a lot of gay people would choose to be straight to avoid the hatred if they could.



Sexual molestation is a heinous criminal act and has no bearing on one's sexual orientation.

IMO is the same as many authorities on the subject, gay people are born gay not "made gay" by personal experiences.


"Becoming" gay has nothing to do with being molested. Most scientists believe sexual orientation is genetically founded and not a choice. Certainly people are impacted by events and are free to explore, but sexual orientation isn't a terrible flexible thing. The chances of him growing up to be a molester are greater than the chances of him switching his orientation, which is to say it's rare but there is a pattern between children who've been abused and adults who abuse.


Many sexual molestations are commited by "straight" married people and it has no bearing on the child growing up to be "straight" or "gay". You are either born homosexual or born non-homosexual. HOWEVER; there seems to be a connection between people who are REPEATEDLY molested over a long period, to those who themselves molest when they are older. BUT; a boy who is molested by a boy or a man does NOT BECOME homosexual. You know what and who you are: If you are straight now, you will be straight as an adult. Please get professional help if you are confused. <<<>>> ONE MORE POINT; rape and sexual molestation are about CONTROL, NOT SEX. <<>>

Correction of the correction

No it is not a choice. Nobody would choose a sexuality that leaves you open to violent discrimination and limited potential partners.

Sexuality is inherant, it just doesn't present itself until puberty.

One Last Comment:

Lots of interesting views!. The last poster above , I believe, jumps to conclusions about gays being born or "made" based on his personal experience. After working in an a large institution for many years, I've seen gene pools that would baffle experts. Example: a family of 10 children, 8 perfectly normal..twins- boy, girl, severely retarded...same family. Example: mildly retarded woman has 6 children- 3 girls very bright....3 boys very retarded...same family. Super intelligent husband and wife have three boys- first boy retarded with severe two boys doing 3rd grade math in 1st grade...same family. Co-worker- mom & dad have 2 girls and 2 boys...all gay except one boy...same family. Another family- mother has NON-IDENTICAL twin boys- one is deaf and retarded, one is a lifetime military man...same family, TWINS! I think there is a whole lot we don't know....and I DO believe gay people are born, not "made".

I was molested at the age of 8 by our neighbor (17y/o boy) I just recently told my wife who is the only person I have ever told and who is the most understanding incredible human being on the face of the earth. Since I was about 12 I have had homosexual fantasies but never acted on them. When I was younger the thought made me sick to my stomach I felt I was infected by what had happen to me when i was younger as if it was a disease, as I've gotten older those thougths have become a turn on for me and I've seem to embrase them and I still wonder to this day if I'm just a bisexual male by nature or circumstance, it is a answer I feel I will always be searching for and I wonder if acting on them with my wifes full awareness would help me find my answer +


There are numerous reasons why the data in the 1st research could be incorrect. Gay are more likely to admit to having sex with the same sex vs heterosexuals, especially the heterosexual male. It is less shameful to us. Gay's are generally more open about sexuality than heterosexuals. Not all Transgendered people have been molested. The biggest factor is nature. Homosexuality is seen in nature, which would give doubt to molestation being the only factor.


It's not about becoming gay. Gay mean not just having sex with the same sex but also fall in love with them. Many who have been sexually abused or raped relive the trauma and have fantasies about it as a way to cope. It's not uncommon they act out on it.

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