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A smart woman would stay as far away from a pimp as possible. Pimps feed off the bodies of women, so, what does that say about the person? It says ... this guy is cold, callous, coniving and would make a fast buck off any women willing to "squeak the sheets" with former clients.

Contrary to popular belief the pimp treats his "girls" like a harem and some pimps will beat the hell out of one or more of these girls if they don't meet their quota. A few pimps are actually quite the characters and good to their girls, but few are. On the other hand there are more Madames out there (high class) that are excellent with the girls that work for them. This goes to show you that a pimp is only working on 1 cylinder and not the brightest bulb in the box!


AnswerOf course! He already has abused women by being a pimp!
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Q: If a man was once a pimp is it likely that he will abuse women?
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