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It is possible his interest fizzled. If you think someone likes you, don't wait around. Make a move.

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Q: If a man you were sure had an interest in you and who you like also no longer really stares at you and doesn't come around as much does that mean he no longer likes you?
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It doesnt really matter. People say the boy is suppose to kiss the girl but it doesnt really make a difference.

Signs he is losing interest in you?

If he starts hanging out with his friends for ridiculous amounts of time. If he doesnt really compliment you anymore. If he calls you less and less. If he doesnt touch you as much as he used to or if he doesnt like, stare right into your eyes anymore. I hope this helps

What if you really love this guy and you want to kiss him but he rejected you and he knows that you really loves him?

It means that he has an really small weenie and he doesnt want to get aroused around you

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What to do when the boy you like doesnt want to talk to you?

Accept it, if he really doesn't want to talk to you then you can't make him. If you keep trying to talk to him when he isn't interest in you that will just annoy him and then he really will start to dislike you.

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How can you if a guy is just playing around?

You can tell if the guy is just playing around if he is inconsistent with you, doesnt call you or text you. If he is really interested , he will make it a point to be with you.

What to do if you really like the guy you are dating that does not know what they want and likes you a lot too?

Just keep dating and give it a few months and if he still doesnt know what he wants and doesnt really show enough interest and put other girls aside then your wasting your time. Dont get played and used for only sex.

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What if he likes but not enough to chase u?

Then he doesnt really like you like that and is probly sticking around for the booty which im sure your giving him

How will you know if a boy does not have a crush on you?

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

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