If a married navy woman is having an affair with a guy on the same ship can they get in trouble?

You bet! There is no fraternizing with both sexes in any of the armed forces. If they're caught one may be transferred or, they could lose their rank. Marcy Actually, there is some clarification on this question...the reason she would get in trouble would not be due to them being on the same ship, but her having an affair. Members of the same ship's crew can technically date (providing they are single/not married), as long as they are not in each other's Chain of Command. Fraternization has to do simply with Officer/Enlisted and Chief/E-6 and below (disproportionate paygrades) and those in the same Chain of Command (supervisory-subordinate). I just did a deployment onboard my first Navy ship that had females, and this happened a lot, unfortunately, and I saw it cause a great deal of issues. IT1(SW/AW) Lucas Himebaugh, US Navy