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What is the difference between a company going bankrupt and getting bankruptcy protection?

One and the same...going bankrupt means they have legally asked for protection under the bankruptcy laws.

Can the mortgage company take your house without the deed?

By definition a mortgage is secured on the deeds of the house. They will have the deed (or officially have their name legally registered for the property) if they have given you a mortgage.

Can you be a director of a ltd company if you bankrupt?

Legally, yes. However, some, if not most corp organizational docs and policies would restrcit it.

Can a company legally collect overpaid wages that were paid at the fault of the company?

Yes, if the mispayment was an error then they are entitied to make the necessary corrections.

Can you get rid of your mortgage legally?


What is Bankrupt?

It is legally declared of insolvent The simple answer used to be that you were bankrupt if you could not pay your bills as they came due.

Can the mortgage company seize your IRA or annuity account in Florida?

My mother is 75 and is facing foreclosure on her property. She is concerned of what the mortgage company can seize of her personal property, especially her IRA, annuity and car. What are they legally allowed to take?

Can a debt collector legally come to my home or workplace?

Can a loan company come to your home to collect payment? Personal Loan...

How do we get a title to our truck The loan company went bankrupt in Tennessee and we live in Ohio. We need it to put plates on our truck.?

they have to legally send it to you, if the went bank rupt

What is the meaning of mortgage foreclosure?

Mortgage foreclosure is a process by which a person, who has a mortgage on land, legally sells that same land. A mortgage can be defined as a property loan.

Do you legally have to declare im a discharged bankrupt?

The process was a legal process and that is the result.

How does a bankruptcy dismissal effect getting a mortgage?

During the bankruptcy period you cannot borrow any money at all and not even operate a bank account properley. Once discharged (now 12 months) you are legally able to apply for credit as normal (although you must declare you were bankrupt by law). The chances of getting a mortgage however are slim to say the least. All lenders and brokers will see from your credit and the bankruptcy register that you have been bankrupt and are unlikely to lend you to for perhaps up to 7 years. However, there are specialist morgage providers who would be prepared to consider a mortgage application from former bankrupt people, although the risk is clearly evident in the high APR that will be quoted. By finding a good mortgage broker it is possible to get a mortgage but deposit, loan to value ratio and interest will all be at a disadvantage to the applicant.

What is the definition of a bankrupt person?

A bankrupt person is one who cannot pay his debts. Bankruptcy laws sometimes allow indebtedness to be legally discharged when it is unlikely to ever be repaid.

Can the mortgage company accept a check from the insurance company that is endorsed by 1 of the 2 payees?

If your name is on it and you have not signed it then they can not legally cash the check. I've seen someone from the mortgsge co forge the homeowners name to cash it before though.

Who is legally responsible for debt the holding company or the limited company?

I think clients and public who did business with company or with company products are directly responsible legally.

Your mother just died and has a mortgage on the house do you need to pay the mortgage when you sell the house?

Of course! The money is still owed to the bank and you cannot legally sell it without satisfying the mortgage.

Do you have to pay mortgage even your name is to on the mortgage?

If your name is not on the mortgage you are not legally liable for the loan as far as the bank is concerned. You could become liable through a divorce if it has been your home for you and your spouse.

If your mortgage broker was not yet licensed can you get out of the mortgage you signed the broker told me this in confidentiality Michigan laws?

i was told that this would not be a legally binding contract.

Your parents died leaving a mortgage on the heir property are the heirs obligated to pay the balance of the mortgage?

Yes. If you inherit a piece of property, including a house with a mortgage, you are legally obligated to pay its bills.

Is hindustan infracon India limited company is registered legally by govt of India?

Hindustan infra is a legally company

If my wife has a house in her name, only, and she dies am I responsible for the mortgage?

Only if your wife leaves the house to you as an inheritance are you legally responsible for her mortgage upon death.

Limit to how long collectors can legally collect your debt in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, collectors can legally collect your debt for up to ten years. The collection process can range from telephone calls to wage garnishment.

Can you deposit a hail damage check in to your checking account that is made out to you in to mortgage company?

Not legally no. Since it's a two party check, both recipients are required to sign off before cashing the check

When a family member dies can another family member takes over there property legally with a reverse mortgage?

No. The reverse mortgage must be paid off first.

How do you correct and accidental discharge of mortgage?

If you are referring to accidentally recording a discharge of mortgage, and you did NOT intend on releasing the mortgage...the solution is to re-record the mortgage with the registry of deeds. If the discharge was properly signed and executed, then it is legally valid and you can not defend it in legal proceedings. Your loan is no longer attached to the properly upon properly releasing the mortgage with a mortgage discharge.