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The money was for the son not the Daughter in law. NO if the son had children the put one of the kids names on the account now to receved it at the age of 18. If he had no kids then find another family/friend to put the account under. and remove the sons name from the account. The majority of joint bank accounts are held in Joint Tenancy With Survivorship Rights. Such s designation means that upon the death of one of the account holders the funds automatically revert to the other account holder(s) and are not subject to litigation or probate procedures. If the signature card does not stipulate how the account is set up, state default law applies. If the signature cared indicates something other than JTWSR the account is subject to partitioning by probate court.

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Q: If a mother adds her son's name to her bank accounts and the son dies can the daughter-in-law claim that one half of the money should go to her?
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