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Well, someone had the nerve to get a repo title on the bike, but doesnt have the nerve to go get the bike. Am I reading this right? YES bikes can be repossessed in Ohio. One just has to know the laws and how-tos of getting the bike out of the garage. onlinedocs

Of course you can repo it as long as they are not upto date on there payments.could we be talking about Tim?

2015-07-16 19:23:21
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If someone has a motorcycle in their name but someone has the property and is behind on payments can the motorcycle be voluntary repossessed by the main name even though someone else has the property?

Yes it can.

Can a car be repossessed if a co buyer files bankruptcy and the primary buyer has the car?

When someone files for bankruptcy, they are protected and their possession will likely not be repossessed. However, if they are, subject to repossession you would have to talk to a lawyer in order to keep the car.

Can a transfer of responsibility be made after car is repossessed?

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