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custodial parent should take it to court. if the custodial parent keeps the child away from the non custodial parent then the custodial parent could do jail time

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Q: If a non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support can the custodial parent stop visitation?
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Can a custodial parent move out of state without permission of noncustodial parent if there is no court ordered visitation or child support?


Does the noncustodial parent have to pay child support if they marry the custodial parent?

what if the noncustodial parent still reside with the custodial parent, is noncustodial parent still obligated to pay childsupport

Can child support be terminated if a noncustodial child refuses contact with a a parent?


Can a child sue custodial parent if noncustodial parent does not pay child support?


How can i Summons the noncustodial parent for visitation?

the custodial parent is the parent the child lives with the non custodial parent is the parent the child does NOT live with the non custodial parent assuming he / she knows he is a parent... is usually the patitioning parent. if he /she chooses not to seek visitation rights the court cannot force him/ her to see the child.... but they can enforce child support. research the laws for your state.

Can child support be terminated if a noncustodial child refuses contact with a parent?


How can the custodial parent stop child support?

Change visitation

If custodial parent gets married does the noncustodial parent still have to pay child support Texas?

Yes. The marital status of the custodial parent change does not change the obligation of the noncustodial parent.

Can a noncustodial parent stop the custodial parent from moving out of the country?

Yes, if you have court ordered visitation and pay child support etc, she needs your permission as well as the courts to move. The court orders has to be followed.

How can the custodial parent refuse to let the child see the noncustodial parent when child support is being paid?

Child support and visitation rights are two entirely different issues. The terms of visitation should have been determined before divorce proceedings and finalized when the divorce decree was awarded. The court generally prefers the parents reach an amicable agreement for reasonable visitation by the non-custodial parent. If specified days/times have been ordered by the court the custodial parent must allow visitation or risk being in contempt of a court order.

If a child is 18 and moves in with noncustodial parent does the custodial parent have to provide child support?

Generally, no.

Can a mother deny visitation if the father is paying child support?

Whether or not a parent is paying child support is irrelevant when the issue is visitation rights. If there is a court order for visitation the primary custodial parent must allow it or be found in contempt of court. If there is not a court order in place the custodial parent can make the decision to when, where or if visitation is allowed. Visitation guidelines are usually established during the custodial proceedings.

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