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If a non-liquid yellowish peanut-like mucus has come out of your body but there is no bleeding does that mean you have miscarried?


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2007-08-26 19:07:28
2007-08-26 19:07:28

Why don't you go to the doctor. Those are tell tale signs of gonnorhea.

No, this same thing happened to me and I do NOT have gonnorhea. I went to the hospital and they did tell me I miscarried :(


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Go see a doctor. Its a possibility.

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Thick - yes Yellowish - sounds like an infection Go and see the doctor

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As long as you feel all right and the bleeding has stopped you should be fine.

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yes. i went for an ultrasound yesterday and they determined I had miscarried 4 weeks ago. no symptoms or anything.

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Either you got your period back or you were pregnant and miscarried. Never wait this long to find out why you are not bleeding.

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