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look in a social studies book 4 cryin out loud

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A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

If a persons mother is illegal and they are a citizen, the citizen can file for a Visa for the mother. The citizen will need to file papers with the INS for citizenship.

In the appropriate court in the state or province where they now reside.

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

After a J-1 visa expires a person can file to have their visa extended. If the person marries a United States citizen then they can file a petition to become a US citizen. If a person stays in the country after their visa expires they can be deported.

After 2 years of marriage she/him can file their legal papers and if everithing look clean enough acording to Immigration they become legal and they will be allow to do their US Ziticenship. If the marrige was a froud they both can be and a big proble. Don't take a change.

If you marry your British boyfriend, he does not automatically become an American citizen, and you do not automatically become a British citizen. You both have the right to live in each other's country, but you must file paperwork to do so. Citizenship is not automatic.

You need to consult an immigration lawyer but normally when the husband died in this case the process is terminated.

S/He should file for citizenship. Try asking the local municipality for the proceedings.

No, an illegal alien does not become a citizen upon marrying a US citizen. You have to wait a period of time before you can start the process of becoming a citizen. Once you have completed your waiting period you must file petitions to become a citizen and go through citizenship classes. You then take written or oral exams.

No - anyone, citizen or not, can file, and be granted a restraining order.

To categorize the papers of an office into a file you need to punch them and file them accordingly.

By marrying a US citizen alien spouse earns a conditional status which is valid for 2 years. 90 days before it expires he/she needs to file Form I-751 to remove conditions on residence and become a green card holder. For this person has to be still married to the same US citizen. After 3 years as a green card holder in US the spouse can apply for US citizenship by filing Form N-400 provided they still continue to stay as married couple.

Find a lawyer and file papers through the Naturalization Department.

You get a social security number as soon as you become a citizen, but you must file to get a card. There is no waiting time, you can get it as soon as you become a citizen.

There are a few different places that one can file divorce papers online. Some of the websites where one could learn more about how to file divorce papers online and to process divorce papers online are Complete Case and e-Divorce Papers. There are also local state websites available to help file divorce papers for certain states.

No, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to file for banrupcy, you just need to be a legal resident.

i need to file my papers.

yes, but there would be alot of paperworks to file. and its going to be pricey.

Yes, however you would have to wait until your spouse becomes a citizen in order to file for alien resident status.

The person who marries the US citizen should first become a permanent resident before moving on to file citizenship application. They must have maintained the status of a permanent resident for at least 3 yrs. So only after this time can they apply for their citizenship. It is not easy to get US citizenship. The only advantage of applying for citizenship after marrying a US citizen is that the continuous residence criteria gets reduced to 3yrs.

You go to the courthouse, get the forms, fill them out, pay the court fee and file the papers with the court. You then become the Plaintiff in the case and must make sure that the Defendant is properly served.

Not immediately. The legal husband/wife will first have to file a petition for the illegal immigrant to start the process of becoming a citizen. Once the illegal immigrant goes through the process and becomes a citizen, they can apply for a license. There are a few state exceptions that allow illegal immigrants to apply for a license.

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