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Well, the bankruptcy should get rid of the debts. When our loved ones die, the family is usually left with any debt they have left to pay. Just make sure not to co-sign on anything that you don't want to be paying for in the future. * Family members are not legally responsible for any other family members debts if they are not joint debtors. Debts of deceased persons are included in the estate and are handled according to state probate law. The exception might be a surviving spouse when the couple resided in a community property state, if the spouse is not a joint BK petitioner.

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Can creditors file claims once a bankruptcy chapter 7 has been discharged?

This is a two part question. If the creditors were included in the Chap 7, the answer is no, they have NO recourse once the court discharges. The second part is if the debtor neglected to inform the court of a creditor before the discharge or took on new debt after the discharge, then the creditor has legal recourse.

Is Massachusetts a non recourse debt state?

Massachusetts is a non recourse debt state. Other non recourse debt states are Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, and Mississippi.

Is recourse discharged in bankruptcy?

It depends upon the what type of recourse you want to discharge in a bankruptcy like secured loan or unsecured loan or something other.If you wants to know more about bankruptcy and its process then here i want to give you one site just check it out you will get all the information there.

Can s bankruptcy be removed from your record before 10 years?

Bankruptcy will remain on a credit report for the required ten years. There is no recourse to have the entry removed before the time limit has expired.

If the wrong address was submitted on your Chapter 7 bankruptcy papers do you have any recourse?

File a change of address with the clerk of the court where you originally filed the petition

Are you able to still leave a mortgage in Minnesota after BK and not be liable?

Yes, you can walk away from a mortgage and not be liable for a deficiency (even in recourse states) if the mortgage was listed in the bankruptcy.

Which states are non-recourse?

is california

Is a car loan considered recourse or non-recourse debt?

I think is non recourse debt

If some creditors still contact you about preexisting debts after filing Chapter 7 what recourse do you have prior to contacting your attorney?

You can inform them of the Circuit Court (or whichever applies) the BK was filed, and the Case/Docket numbers. However, the attorney handling the filing should be notified. Dealing with creditors is part of (or should be) the client and attorney agreement.

What is recourse funding?

Recourse funding is a type of loan for which collateral is placed. The difference between recourse and non-recourse funding is that in recourse funding, if the collateral sells for less than the amount left on the loan, the lender can go after other assets. In non-recourse funding, the lender would have to absorb the loss.

How do you know if your mortgage loan is a non recourse loan or recourse loan?

Good question, I have been looking for an exact answer my self. I have learned from my searches: Generally a note is an obligation to pay and must be paid in full. So, unless a note is explicitly non-recourse, the creditor can seek any of debtor's property for payment (subject to bankruptcy limitations). The general rule is that note secured by mortgages on property are recourse loans. The major exception comes from the antideficiency statues, common in the western states, that apply generally to mortgages securing loans on personal residences.

Is Georgia a non recourse debt state?

"Is Georgia a non recourse debt state?" Since Florida is not a recourse state, and Florida adopted its laws from Georgia, Georgia must not be a recourse state.

Is a home improvement loan a recourse loan?

no. why would it be a recourse loan

What is the duration of The Recourse to the Method?

The duration of The Recourse to the Method is 2.73 hours.

Can you give a sentence for recourse?

A place to find recourse is in nonfiction books in the library.

Is Florida a non recourse loan state.?

Florida happens to be a recourse state.

Is Kentucky a Recourse or Non-Recourse or One Action state?

Kentucky is a recourse state, allowing the lender to seek judgments and damages from the borrower.

How do you use the word recourse?

Since he was fired from his job, his only recourse was to go home.

Is Oklahoma a non recourse state?

As of 12/20/2012 Oklahoma is a Recourse State.

Is Alabama a non recourse state?

Alabama is a Recourse State. Banks can sue for the difference.

Is Florida a recourse state?

Yes, Florida is a "recourse" state. For a state to be a recourse state, it simply means a lender can ask you for extra payments even after you have had everything seized.

Is Illinois a non-recourse state?

No... Illinois is a recourse state.... They can come after you for a deficiency judgment.

Use the word recourse in a sentence?

If my letter of help doesn't get response, I will still have recourse to a higher authority.

Is South Carolina a non-recourse state?

It appears,from everything I have read, SC is a recourse state.

What happens if a loan is sold with recourse and it goes into default?

what haapend if a loan is sold with recourse and it goes into defualt