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No. They are still not able to enter into contracts.

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Q: If a parent gives a 16-year-old permission to move out are they considered emancipated?
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Could you get married when you are 16?

Yes you can get married at the age of 16 if you are emancipated or with a parent or guardians permission.

Do you need parent permission for pregnancy care?

No, you are emancipated regarding your health when you are pregnant. It's illegal for them to stop you.

Can a minor be emancipated with parent or guardian's permission in Indiana?

Only the court can emancipate a minor. There are several requirements that has to be met.

What is the Legal age to drop out of school in Indiana?

Answer You must be 16 years old with parent permission unless your emancipated.

What is the legal age to drop out of high school in Indiana?

Answer You must be 16 years old with parent permission unless your emancipated.

Can you bring a minor out of the country if you are not the parent?

Not without parent permission. It could be considered kidnapping without that.

Can you move out at 17 in Texas with out parental consent?

no you have to be emancipated by a parent,otherwise you would be considered a runaway...

Can a parent kidnap a child?

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

Can a 16-year-old girl get emancipated in Tennessee even without a parent or guardian's permission?

Sorry, there is no emancipation in Tennessee.

Can a 17-year-old in Washington move out with out parent permission if she is pregnant?

No, she cannot. She must be emancipated or reached the age of majority.

Can a pregnant 15 year old in Tampa get married without permission?

No, not in any state. The only thing you are emancipated about when you are a minor parent is your health.

Are you considered emancipated when becoming a parent at age 17 in ny state?

Having a child does not emancipate a minor.

Are you considered an adult in Mississippi if you are 17 with a baby?

No, not in any state are you emancipated due to pregnancy or being a parent.

Is it possible to get emancipated from the custodial parent and not the noncustodial parent?


Can a 14 year old girl get married to a 19 year old boy?

Not unless she gets permission from her parent or legal gaurdian, or unless she has be emancipated.

Is it considered runaway if the child leaves to live with the non custodial parent?

With the permission of the residential parent? Yes. see related question.

If parents have joint custody can one parent move out of state without permission from the other parent with the children?

No, it can be considered contempt of court.

How does a mother become emancipated from her kids?

A parent does not become emancipated from their children. A child can become emancipated from a parent under certain circumstances. A parent can lose custody of a child if a court finds that they are not fit to parent. Generally, this would be based on a finding of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

When can a parent kick a child out of the house?

Once they are 18, if they are any younger it is considered child neglect. Or if your child is emancipated you can do it anytime.

Can you get a piercing if you're emancipated?

you should because your emancipated, you don't need a parent anymore. that's whaat being emancipated is.

Can one parent take a child out of the state of tx without permission of the other parent?

No, you can't, especially if you have joint custody, that will be considered parental kidnapping.

Is a dad who is under 18 emancipated in CA?

Becoming a parent has nothing to do with becoming emancipated so no.

My girlfriends in foster care cant i see her with permission from a foster parent?

If you want to see your girlfriend and you get permission from her foster parent then yes of course you can see her you just need the parents permission and her foster parent is her parent.

Can the non custodial parent take the child out of state on vacation without the custodial parents permission?

It is against the law for a non custodial parent to take their child out of State (can be considered kidnapping) without the written permission of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent agrees then be sure it is in writing, with the date and signature of the custodial parent and carry it with you during the trip.

Do you need parent consent to get emancipated?

You do not need parental consent to be emancipated. But it will make it more difficult and they do have to know about it.