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This is certainly a difficult question and it's obvious you are very concerned about the child and well you should be.

If the father has cleaned up his act (for sure) and made a valiant effort in doing so, then you can (only if you want) introduce your child to his/her father. It is recommended that all visitations are supervised by you or someone else that the courts deem.

If you just want to get on with your life and leave the father behind because he is more trouble than he's worth, then please seek out legal counsel and go through the proper court system to get sole custody. Since the father of your child has a prison record and known to be into drugs you have a great chance of getting what you want.

Good luck Marcy

Sorry, but sole custody does not repeal a biological parent's is visitation privileges. The court treats these type of situations on an individual basis. Obviously if the father was incarcerated he could not visit, but he could still have kept in communication with the child/children. It is very likely that he would be granted visitation (supervised if circumstances warranted) courts are adamant about parents being afforded their parental rights in accordance with state laws. Of course along with those rights comes the obligation of child support and in most cases adequate medical coverage.

Answer also: Best thing you can do is contact your local Women's Right Center and Social Services. They can outline the process and give you literature on how to proceed. If you do not have legal representation and cannot afford it, that can be provided for you as well. Best to you.

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How do i find someone's criminal history?

How do i find someone's criminal history

Can you work as a criminal investigator with a criminal history?

No. Law enforcement will not eploy you if you have a criminal history unless (possibly) if it was a minor offense and you were a juvenile).

Can a parents criminal background be used against them in a child custody or child visitation case?

Absolutely. The nature and frequency of the crimes will be taken into consideration to determine the person's fitness as a parent. However, a criminal history will not be the sole deciding factor and rehabilitation programs can be used to show that the parent has changed.

What if the father is not paying child support and is a convicted felon with a criminal history does he still have visitation rights?

Visitation rights and child support are 2 separate issues in court. They see to what is best for the child and it often is to see both parents. It also depends on why he is not paying child support. If there is such order and he is not paying there are ways the court can see to that he does but you need to let them know he is not paying. You can not deny him visitation on your own, that would be breaking the court order and will get you into legal trouble. It's up to the court to decide if he is unfit for visitation based on his criminal past. Just because you've been to jail in the past does not mean you are a unfit parent now.

What is the penalty for criminal mischief?

no criminal history ny penalty criminal mischief category d

Is it ever acceptable for a business to check an employee's criminal history?

It is always acceptable for a business to check an employee's criminal history.

How do you find out records about someone?

Despite the advertising of several commercial companies to the contrary, there is NO foolproof way to research anyone's "history" on-line. For a criminal history check (for instance for employment purposes) - go to your local law enforcement agency and fill out a detailed request - pay a small administrative fee - and you will receive a copy of THAT individuals criminal record.

What is a criminal clearance?

Customarily used as a slang expression referring to either the form used to request a criminal history check, or to refer to a "clean" criminal history (i.e.: no record).

When can police run criminal history?

Anytime they have a valid cause to look into someone's background and criminal history in order to further their investigation.

Where can you work with a criminal history?

A person with a criminal history can apply to work with any employer that they want to. Some employers may be willing to give a criminal a second chance while others may refuse to hire someone with a criminal background. If the offense was minor some states don't require a person to admit that they have a criminal history.

What has the author Emile Bougaud written?

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What does an employee background check consist of?

most times it will consist of your previous employment history , any criminal history and if driving is involved as part of your employ, a driving history An employee backround check is more like a criminal history check. They basically check for any kind of criminal activity.

Can you be refused a passport?

If you have a bad criminal history

How long does a shopplifting charge stay on record in Minnesota?

Shoplifting is a Larceny crime. Unless it was committed prior to your becoming an adult, it will always remain a permanent part of your adult criminal history unless expungement is requested and granted.

How to ensure your baby's daddy only has supervised visitation?

In the US... The court will only order supervised visitation if there is legitimate reason for it, such as a history of violence, drug addiction, mental illness, etc.

Can a father be denied visitation if he is behind on child support?

it all depends on state that you live in, however, a father has a right to see his children despite his history of child support payments. the mother cannot legally refuse to allow the father to the child or children due to lack of support, unless there is a court order or restraining order that legally allows her to withold visitation. Paying child support and visitation rights have nothing to do with each other.Just because you dont/do pay child support doesnt mean you can/cannot visit your child

How long does a restraining order stay on your background in Wisconsin?

If no criminal charges accompanied the incident that brought about the restraining order, there will be no record of it on your criminal history. However, if there was a criminal incident connected with it (e.g.: assault or battery - etc), THAT offense will remain on your adult criminal history record.

How many writs of certiorari have been granted?

There have been tens of thousands of writs of certiorari granted in the history of the US Supreme Court.

What is criminal history?

Your CRIMINAL HISTORY consists of every offense you were ever arrested for since your 18th birthday, and a record of all convictions, sentences, and time served (if any).

How do i check a person criminal history?

Require that they produce a copy of their criminal history record before employing them. Otherwise, you cannot access that information. It is not available to the general public.

How do you get exempt from payment for a Criminal history record?

The small administrative charge for obtaining a criminal history record is usually very minor - in my experience - about the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

how to find a criminal history on a person in the area?

You can find the criminal history of someone by either hiring a private investigator or using an online service such as PeopleFinders.com. No solution will be free.

If you have a drug conviction can you still get a loan?

Absolutely you can. They only check your credit history at banks not your criminal history. It would be prejudice and illegal for them to check your criminal background. Then you sue em.

Can your past criminal history be used in a current criminal trial?

Yes, but only if the history is deemed relevant to the current case. The barristers will argue this out before the jury is brought into the case.

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