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let me make sure i understand the deal. "A" borrows money.... never mind. The LEINHOLDER who repos the car will sell it and deal with the person whose name was on the LOAN for the car. IF you are NOT either of those two, you are out of luck. You have made a DONATION.

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Your best friend likes your best guy friend and gets jealous when you hangout with him they both are your really good friends and you want to stay friends with both of them what should you do?

talk to you best girl friend and tell her there's nothing between you and him. and maybe things'll work out. and if it fails.... sorry that's all i got.

What are some good frienship sayings?

Friends are like bras. They are close to your heart, and there to support you!! A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. Your friend is the person who knows all about you, and still likes you. The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort.

In the diamond necklace by Guy de Maupassant what is the conflict?

The young lady loses the necklace she borrowed from her friends a wealthy lady and loses at the ball she went to. when she loses she and her husband take loans and work very hard to replace before her friend notices. She then gives it to her friend and her and her husband work ten years to pay off the loans. one day she sees her friend and tells you she caused her a lot of problems because of the diamond necklace. Her friend becomes shocked to tell her that the necklace she had was fake. The conflict I believe is that she loses the necklaces and fails to tell her friend because she is selfish and obsessed with material things not knowing the real values in life.

What should you do if a really mean boy hurts your heart.?

Try to move on. ^ If that fails, tell him off...if that fails, try making friends, if that fails, give him the finger and don't say crap to him.

What is person who fails to keep appointment ireferred to as?

A flake.

Should you apologise to your friend?

Why, what have you done? If you've commited the wrong, then you should. However, if your friend has commited the wrong and is too stubborn and graceless to apologise, they are obviously not as clever or mature as you. You should then be mature and try to negotiate and make peace with them, and they will respect you and you will be friends again. If all fails, you should not consider them your friend anymore and give them the cold shoulder.

If a liver transplant fails can the person get another one?

Possibly. Depends on the health of the person.

What happens when the reproductiive system of a person fails to perform its function?

That person becomes infertile.

How do you disipline friends?

If they do something you know is wrong call them out on it. If all else fails spank them!

Only one person is liable if the business fails?


Asking a boy out?

Just be friends with him and get to know a lot about him. Then if he hasn't made the move already then just simply tell him that you really like him, but more than a friend. Reassure him that no matter what his answer is you still want to be friends and that things won't be weird. If all else fails he just doesn't like you then..sorry.

Can you give me a sentence of when?

When all else fails, punt. You never know when your friend will call or text you.

What is anergy?

a condition in which the body of a sensitized person fails to respond to an antigen

Money forfeited if the accused person fails to appear in court?


Who is the most unhealthy person?

the most unhealthy person is the one who fails to seek god's help for his/her daily needs.the one who smokes.the one who consumes alcohol.the one who fails to have a healthy diet for atleast a month

A story in which the main character is just an average person who sometimes fails and who sometimes succeeds is most likely a?

A story in which the main character is just an average person who sometimes fails and who sometimes succeeds is most likely a:

What do you call the sin in which a person fails to trust in gods forgiveness?

mortal sin

Is Kristen Stewart a falieur in studies?

isnkristen Stewart a person who fails in school?

What to do if your boyfriend checks out your friend?

dump the user and get a new best friend (if all else fails sell your house, get a scubadiving costume and buy a pineaple under the sea)

What happens when cloning fails?

We will never be able to have a person the exact same as us in everyway :(

How can you boost a friends self confidence if you have already tried telling them what a lovely person they are?

i think that you just need to show them that they have amazing qualities and even if that doesnt work, just give them some time to realize that they are actually a great person. and if all else fails love them for who they are and always give compliments!!

What do you do if you ask a friend to stop annoying you and he continues to be?

Simply move away, and give him the silent treatment if he doesn't get it he probaly isn't the best of friend If all else fails HIT HIM then run for it

What is meant by the term butterfingers?

a person who frequently drops things. a person who is clumsy. Or a person who fails to catch things. Or how about a careless person. Another good word would be one who fumbles.

What happens when the circulatory system fails to work properly?

the person will be hospitalised and do more treatment or die

Are fails funny?

Yes, fails are funny. Especially EPIC FAILS.