If a person commits a murder then commits suicide are they still charged with the crime of murder?

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Tried for murderNo, because you can't charge a dead person.
That would be a waste of the court's time to spend tax dollars charging a dead person with a crime.They wouldn't charge a suicide victim with murder any more than they would charge a dead person with murdering someone else.

More accurately, it is because the killer would be unable to appear at trial. Imagine that the killer did not commit suicide, but fled the country. A trial could not be conducted in his absence. He would have to be located first and then tried.
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What is conspiracy to commit murder?

Conspiracy to commit murder mean getting together with a bunch of other guys and planning to bump someone off even if you dont do it. If is also just being with someone who commits murder and you don't say a word or even helping with murder.

Why do people commit murder?

i have found out that there are a number of different underlying facts why people kill each other , factors such as money is a very big reason why people murder each other , other factors are revenge , power , love , jealousy , some people just don't see that its a wrong thing to do , they think tha ( Full Answer )

Has Nelson Mandela committed murder?

No, Nelson Mandela did not murder anyone. He was a political figurewho was wrongly arrested and was in jail for many years.

How often is murder committed?

I can't find it at the moment, but there were somewhere around 17,000 murders in the U.S. last year. Based on that, there are about 46 murders a day on average in the U.S.

What are men's methods of committing murder?

There certainly are countless ways to commit murder, but many times it is true that men murder differently than women. Yet there are also exceptions to all the rules. Men can murder by poison, knife, gun, manual strangulation, or even a 'staged accident'. One midwestern husband killed several wive ( Full Answer )

Why do men commit more murder crimes than women?

Generally it is a combination of nature and nurture and is different depending on the individual male. Some people believe it is primarily environment, factors such as parental modeling, social expectations about what it means to be a "real man," or exposure to violence perpetrated by men. Others ( Full Answer )

Who has committed the most murders?

It depends on what kind of murder you mean. There are different kinds, different degrees of murder. But for shear volume Hitler and his extermination of more that 6 million Jews during WWII has to be one of the deadliest.

What is the most horrible murder committed?

Apart from War Crimes involving all manner of incendiaries and bombs- whole cities reduced to ashes- of a more personal type of homicide the Saint Petersburg ( actually happened in Ekaterinberg- city of Catherine, in the summer of l9l8 in the USSR probably takes the Cake- Known Dead- Nicholas, Alexa ( Full Answer )

Who committed Baudelaire's murder?

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've read this series. I'm fairly certain that Olaf did.. Gosh, it's been awhile since I've read this series. I'm fairly certain that Olaf did.

What is the penalty if a minor commits murder?

It would depend on how old the minor is, and in what country thisoccurs. In the United States, they will generally hold a court hearingspecifically on determining the minor's mental competence. As ageneral rule, minors do not have the ability to formintent , furthermore, the criminal charge of " ( Full Answer )

Did Meriwether Lewis commit suicide or was he murdered?

Meriwether Lewis was serving as governor of Missouri Territory in 1809 (just 3 years after the expedition ended). Lewis, a troubled individual, was not suited for the bureaucratic life and found himself deep amongst petty and jealous administrators. On the way to Washington to clear his name, he sto ( Full Answer )

First person to commit murder in the world?

If you are a Christian, and believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible then it would have to be Cain, who slew his brother Abel. A non-theological answer would be impossible as it probably took place in the dim mists of history when one caveman beat another to death with a rock or club.

In Frankenstein who was accused of committing the murder and why?

Justine Moritz was accused of committing the murder of William. She soon confessed to the murder (though the monster Frankenstein actually murdered William) and was executed 1 day after. The police found Justine as a suspect because William had what appeared to be a thumbprint or a mark of her locke ( Full Answer )

Who committed murder in Wizard of Oz?

I don't think there was any murder in the story. Dorothy's house falls on the Witch of the East, but that was an accident. At the end, Dorothy throws water on the Wicker Witch of the West which melts her. Since there was no intent to kill, the worst this could be considered is manslaughter. I think ( Full Answer )

What punishment for children who commit murder?

It can depend on the age of the minor when they committed the murder. They could be sentenced to juvenile detention to be served behind bars until they reached their 21st birthday. If the juvenile was old enough (e.g.: in their teens) the court could decide to bind them over for trial as an adult an ( Full Answer )

Why did Jack the Ripper commit the murders?

I believe that his motivation to kill was psychosexual in nature. He also mutilated these women and removed their genitals which suggest that there was some sort of sexual sadistic motive, according to the different serial killer typologies.

How do you commit murder and get away with it?

Well firstly you do not kill someone as it says in the law of god commandment 6 do not murder or kill anyone and if you do so you will be in a lot of trouble. well you have to get rid of the evidence.

What is the punishment for a child that commits murder?

Tragically kids have killed each other, parents, etc. this usually takes the form of gunshot violence- and once the trigger is pulled ( it is too late! the bullet shot forth on its destined track) There are a variety of legal responses. If the child is under 7 it is assumed he or she has not reached ( Full Answer )

Who committed the murders in the Rue Morgue?

An Ourang-Outang, as Poe spelled it, who was the pet of a Sailor orMarine. No this did NOT happen in Connecticut like that tragedylast year involving out-of-control chimp at first thought to havebeen a heavier ape. The orangutan (in Poe) murdered a lady and herdaughter, of course, without reason.

What is the effect of committing murder?

Someone dies, the murderer faces criminal charges which could include prison time and death penalty. Not to mention psychological problems and depending on religious preferrence, after life penalties.

Did Joseph Smith commit murder?

No, Joseph never committed murder. He had attempted to kill by shooting at individuals who sought to take him and his brother's life, however. There is no direct evidence to indicate that these individuals had died or were even hit. Both he and his brother were killed during this event.

Did allama iqbal commit a murder?

Nothing was proven and it was another propaganda by hindus sincethey didn't want him to lead to the vision of Pakistan's creation

Why did Jack The Ripper commit his murders?

There is no single 'absolute' when it comes to this type of killer. What is known, the crimes may have sexual aspects but this type of murder is about power and control. For a short time the killer reins supreme, God-like with power over the victim. The killer is driven by violent fantasies, until t ( Full Answer )

Why did Jack the Ripper commit the murders he did?

There is still much about serial murder that is not understood. But it seems the underlying factor is about control. The killer has an insatiable appetite to control others. For a very brief time, they can play god with another's life. In many cases, this manifests itself through some type of sexual ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone committed suicide or if they were murdered?

Unfortunately, even the best forensic science can't always rule out the possibility that a death is a suicide. You cannot know, for example, if a person who dies driving into an abutment at night fell asleep or did it deliberately. But forensics is very often able to detect a death that is likely to ( Full Answer )

Why Moses committed murder?

He murdered one of the Egyptans that ordered the Hebrew slave workers and he did this because, a feeling of horror washed over him when he saw the Hebrew slave being beat to near death.

Did the Apostle Paul commit murder?

After he changed to apostle Paul , he did not commit murder. But as Saul, yes.(Acts 8:1+3; Acts 9:1+2; Acts 26:10+11; Galatians 1:13+14)

When did Manson and his followers commit murder?

The murders he was convicted of occured on August 9 & 10, 1969. But there were other victims that seldom get mentioned in the mainstream media. Music teacher Gary Hinman was murdered before the August 1969 killings, and he was not alone. Police are still searching for bodies hidden in the desert eas ( Full Answer )

Where did Charles Manson commit the murders?

Manson did not actually murder the seven victims in the Tate-LaBicana case, but he ordered the killings which landed him onCalifornia's death row. But there are lesser known crimes (murders)that point to Manson as the killer. But there was insufficientevidence to try the cases.

This is when a person is formally charged with committing a crime?

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed acrime. There are other processes, however, that are sometimes used insteadof an indictment - such as filing a "complaint," "accusation", or"Information" - depending on the jurisdiction and nature of thecrime.

Can a person get a speedy trial if the commited murder?

The short answer is: Yes, Legally, a "speedy trial" is a trial that is within the specifiedtime-frame, set by law, referred to as the "statute oflimitations". As long as the trial has occurred within that time-frame, thedefendant has been given a "Fair and Speedy Trial", as required bythe 6th and ( Full Answer )