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no, the type of metal used is platinum which is unfavorable to metal or magnet.

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Q: If a person had a metal plate in their head would a magnet stick to it?
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What common metal will stick to the magnet?

Iron is a common metal that will stick to a magnet.

Can magnet stick to a metal plate in your body?

Amagnate can stick to certain plates, If there is a plate in your body that magnates can stick to then it has to determine where in the body the plate is. If its near the skin then probably yes, but if its deeper in your body the magnate may not stick

What makes magnets stick too metal?

the magnet it could stick together becaus esomehow the metal attracts the magnet and it makes pulls the metal material and stick to it

Will metal stick to a magnet?

depends on the metal, iron.

Does a magnet stick to silver plate?

Silver is a not magnetic metal - the most highly magnetic metal is iron - so no unless the cores of the coins are iron

What happen to a metal place near magnet?

It would stick to the magnet....

Why will a magnet not stick to a pencil?

A magnet will not stick to a pencil because pencil is not a metal, therefore, their is no charges between them.

Will mercury metal stick to magnet?

Mercury does not stick to a magnet. Iron sticks well, nickel sticks a little.

Why does the paperclip stick to a magnet?

because it's a metal.

Will a magnet stick to the backside of a case holding a ambrotype photo?

If the case is a typical Ambrotype case, and the image is a true Ambrotype, no, a magnet will not stick, since there is no metal in either. The Ambrotype is on glass, the case is made of wood and leather or cloth, or of thermoplastic and the metal frame that surrounds the image is made of non-magnetic brass. A tintype, on the other hand, is made from sheet iron, and a magnet will stick, though it would take a fairly powerful magnet to stick through a layer of wood or plastic between. A magnet will stick directly to the back of a tintype plate, however. To cover all the bases, neither will a magnet stick to a Daguerreotype, since the Daguerreotype plate is silver on copper, neither of which is magnetic.

Why non-metal can not be attracted by a magnet?

becoz it's non-metal only metals are able to stick to magnet.... hope that helps ...This person^ is wrong... so don't except this answer... just sayin'.

How do you distinguish metals from non metals?

The easiest way is to put a magnet on the metal. The magnet will not stick to Non ferrous metals whereas anything with a bit of metal in will stick.

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