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No, the insurance company when settling the claim will have you sign a waiver of damages for their insured before giving you a check.

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Q: If a person has already claimed damages from the at fault drivers insurance company can that person still go ahead and sue the person at fault?
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Can an insurance company collect from a person who they already paid a claim if the person sues and gets money?

Yes they can, but it depend on the case though. If you were awarded damages by the court for damages already paid by your insurance company then you are required by law to reimburse the insurance company, Otherwise you will have received double indemnity (you got paid twice) which is illegal and a felony. Any part of your judgment award for which you were not covered by insurance you can keep. But anything for which you were already paid by your insurer you must pay back to that insurer, It's the Law.

If your car is hit and you have no insurance is the other person liable for damages?

If someone causes damages to your property, they are liable. This means, however that you have to deal with their insurance company directly, rather then your insurance company doing it for you.

How can license be taken for damages owed to an insurance company?

In most countries a driving licence could not be taken as payment or punishment for damages owed to an insurance company as that you be a civil matter.

What to do when an insurance company doesnt pay amount of damages?


Is landlord insurance a reliable insurance company?

Landlord insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that covers a owner of a rental property from damages that may occur to their property.

How long should it take to get compensated for damages to your car?

Ask the insurance company or your insurance agent.

If your tree damages the neighbors house whose insurance covers it yours or theirs?

You should run the claim through your insurance first. The neighbor or their insurance company can come after you for damages.

What is the payment of damages by the insurance company directly to the insured?

Payment of damages by the insurance company against your Householders' policy is paid directly to your account through NEFT,instead of cheque as was customary earlier.

How do the insurance company pay for vehicle damages when at fault?

They generally will pay by check.

Sentences with the word spurious?

They made spurious claims for damages to the insurance company.

What happens if an accident is your fault and you have have insurance?

When this happens, your Insurance company pays for damages. If the accident is your fault, your insurance rates can go up.

What are types of insurance with an example of when your insurance company would make a payment?

Auto insurance: An accident that damages your vehicleDisability insurance: An injury that causes you to lose wagesHomeowners insurance: A fire in your house that damages your personal possessionsHealth insurance: An illness that involves a trip to the doctor.

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