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If a person has severe depression and nothing can help to prevent him from suicide except marijuana is marijuana use or suicide the bigger crime?



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Using marijuana is the lesser of the two "offenses" in this case. But anyone who is justifying the use of marijuana by saying it keeps them from suicide isn't dealing from a full deck. That seems like a shallow "dodge" to use the stuff. Certainly there are issues that need sorting out, but please sort them out - with someone who can help. And there a many people out there who can. There is a national hotline where someone who is contemplating suicide can connect to a live person 24-7-365. And a caller will find a bright, compasionate listener on the other end. In being honest, the place to start is with one's self. Failure to do that is a failure to be able to be honest with anyone else.

Here's that toll free hotline: 800.784.2433 (800.SUICIDE).

It costs nothing to call and talk to someone. All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial, and speak your mind.

Honestly smoking marijuana isn't really a "crime" it is illegal but i mean, how is alcohol legal and marijuana isn't?? Honestly doing any drug in my opinion, is up to the person. Most things used in moderation are ok. Just be responsible

If you try to kill yourself and fail, it's probably some form of manslaughter and since they can't make money off of you if you're dead, that's a HUGE crime. Marijuana, on the other hand.... you would DEFINETLY be able to convince a jury to get you out of that offense. I mean who could really argue with that if you plead not guilty?? Also, who cares what other people think you should do about your issues. You should only take their advice if it sounds right, otherwise do what feels better to you *especially* in those moments. Everyone freaks out and gives you hotline numbers but unless you connect with the right person at the right time, that won't do you any good.