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If a person in the us married in another country and never filed the certificate in the US is he legally married?


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If the marriage is legal in the other country, they are married everywhere in the world.


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If a marriage certificate was not turned in after a wedding it is likely you will need to get another certificate. In most cases you are not considered legally married.

i married in 2005 to an illegal with no valid id only a legal birth certificate from his country! am i legally maried to him here in the US?

Yes. If you were legally married in Jamaica, then you are legally married there and around the world, although your Jamaican marriage certificate may require an apostille/certification and/or a translation in order to be used in another country for some purposes.

Not legally! If they lie on the marriage license application, they would be guilty of perjury as well as bigamy.

Of course not! You can only be married to one person at a time anywhere in the world.

yes if you are legally divorced there should be no problem

Yes you can, as long as it is in the same country.

No he can not be put on record as the father as he is not legally married to be a father. See related link regarding presumption of paternity in Michigan.

Yes as long as both the spouses have married legally, have a marriage certificate and have registered it in the court of law!!!!!

If you are already legally married and "got married" in another country you are committing bigamy, which is a crime. It can get you deported and even jailed. Also, your second "marriage" is invalid.

No! You are not legally married. The priest or marriage officiant must file the license or certificate to with the clerk of courts in the state you were married in.

if your spouse was married already when u got married, your marriage is not legal, no matter where you are

He can not get legally married to anyone until he is legally divorced from you.

No, you are not legally married no matter what State your husband was married in to his other wife and he is a bigamist.

No. If the other person is legally married to another person in another state, then your marriage is not valid in the USA. You can have be legally married to one person at a time.

The United States recognizes any legal marriage performed in another country.

You cannot legally marry if your divorce is not final, even if you go to another country it is still bigamy.

If you are married under the laws of another country, you are considered married throughout the world. If you have one wife, you cannot legally marry another. It is bigamy and is against the law in the United States.

Yes, like if you live in Pennsylvania, you can't have gay marriage, but you can go to Florida and do it, then come back

Yes, once they change their sex on their birth certificate. It depends on the state and country they are in, some do not recognize the surgery as changing sex, others do.

In general, marriages which are legally performed and valid abroad are also legally valid in the United States. The embassy or tourist information bureau of the country in which the marriage will happen is the best source of information about marriage in that country. That being said, you still need to get a U.S. marriage license

If someone gets married in another country and comes back to the US, the marriage is still legal. You can bring your foreign marriage certificate to the US as proof of the ceremony although the certificate must be issued by a governing body.

You can change your name to whatever you want when you get married, and you can also legally change your name while married and you will still be legally married unless you file and complete the divorce process.

You are still legally married. You need to have the certificate from Jamaica.

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