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relax it isn't all badmore than likely.this is referred to as being codependant...basically if you are constantly switching from one partner to another it means that you need someone else to tell you that you are doing well. I'm not a shrink but I'm gonna throw this idea out for you...spend some time getting to know what makes you tick, what makes you happy...then you will be better equipped to face life and love. Too many people try to define who they are by how other people look at them...this is not healthy, to truly be happy one must understand and embrace their own good and bad points...then you have a better chance of finding some one who is on the same wave length as you. and remember that being in a relationship isn't the be all and end all of life! there is a whole lot of good things that you can do that will enrich your personal life with out having to rely on someone else to be there and say that's cool!I hope this helps you bud!
2011-09-12 21:13:16
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Does he love himself?

It is very important in a relationship for both parties to love themselves as well as each other. Loving oneself is an acceptance of themselves and realizing what they have to offer to another person in a relationship.

Should you ask out a girl if she's got a boyfriend?

No, interfering with a relationship will cause problems with their relationship and should never be something a person should do to another person and their relationship. You should wait for a while and see if she either breaks up with this person, or move on. You should not influence the relationship to break up, otherwise it'll cause problems.

What do you call a person who help you out with relationship problems?


Why does a person want to smother another in a relationship?

They need the love with other so they need the another relationship

What does it mean when a person like another person they have a daily relationship with but has the personal relationship in their mind?

it means there scared or doesn't want to begin a relationship

An important relationship you have with another person is called a?


Is defined as an important relationship you have with another person?


What is a passive lover?

A person who lets BIG problems in a relationship slip by easy

What does it mean if a person is emotionally unavaliable?

It usually means when a person has just come out of a relationship and got hurt. They are not ready to get into another relationship.

What is pod in fantage?

It means like a relationship with another person...

Can people with mental illnesses become counselors?

It depends on the illness. All of us have some sort of problem since we are human and no one is perfect. The severity of the mental illness would determine if they can help another person through their problems. The purpose of counseling is to guide another person to a means for them to solve their problems/problem and some with an mental illness can not remove themselves from problems enough to give guidance.

What is the inportance of having a relationship?

It is very important to have a relationship because you need to listen to one another. Also to promise not to cheat on one another and talk to each other about your problems about one another problems. Dont keep it inside that you are cheating on the person you are with. Because she or he will spread it all over school or if your older than that. Then people might not date you. But they might ask you so if your in a relationship be prepared for them. It will turn into a big big big big big mess if you cheat.

What to do when you when your having relationship problems?

Talk to the other person about it. It's okay, things will get better!

Can an autistic person have a successful relationship?

Yes, an Autistic person can have a successful relationship. Sometimes it is harder for Autistic people to find a healthy relationship, and for them to maintain a normal relationship, especially when they are attempting a relationship with a Neurotypical person rather than another Autistic person. Like with anyone else, relationships take effort.

In a relationship did the boy cheat first or did the girl?

Well it ussually matters how devoted the two people in the relationship are. If one person thinks the relationship means nothing to the other person and it means nothing to themselves then that person will probably cheat first. It's not a matter of the gender.

What is an opportunistic relationship?

An opportunistic relationship is one in which a person takes advantage of another person or people with no regard for moral principles or the consequences the other person or people might suffer.

If someones says we made amends what does that mean?

The word 'amends' mean whatever problem or problems you have had with another person has been resolves or forgiven and it's behind you and they want to continue on with the relationship.

How do you spell sociated with?

Associated with. It means a professional relationship with another person.

Should you keep hanging out with you ex individually when you are in a relationship?

No a person should not still be seeing their ex individually when they are in a relationship because that relationship is over and both exes should move on. If in doubt one should put themselves in the shoes of the person they are now having a relationship with.

What does committed relationship mean?

A committed relationship means that the other person has committed themselves to you. They are agreeing not to see other people romantically, and to be involved with only you.

Why do bullies pick on vulnerable people?

People focus on what they see in another person which they hate about themselves. And if a person is vulnerable, the bully will see that person as weak. It is a way for them to feel better about themselves.

If a woman sleeps with another woman when she is in another relationship is that cheating?

If the relationship is exclusive and closed, and her partner does not know what she doing with another person, that is considered cheating regardless of who she sleeps with. If she does this with knowledge and consent of her partner, then it is not. Then, it just means their relationship is open.

As a professional person what advise should you give to someone suffering any type of abuse?

this is a very serious issue. some people who are in an abusive relationship like to cover up for the abuser saying, "its not their fault, they have anger problems, it doesn't hurt", things like that. they should remove themselves from that relationship.

How do you change a person in a positive way?

It is very difficult for someone to change another person. It rarely happens. If the person is not changing, there is little another person can do. The best thing to do is accept it or leave the relationship.

What triggers abuse in a relationship?

AnswerInsecurity, period.AnswerAnger blamed on another person.