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NOPE, the LENDER stops the calls IF and WHEN they decide as long as the law allows.

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Q: If a person voluntarily repos his car will the collection calls stop?
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Can you repo a car if you don't own it but the owner of the vehicle owes you money for car payments and hasn't repaid you?

This depends greatly on how the money they owe you was structured. If you gave them money for a car but you are not the registered owner, you must have a lien against the vehicle in order to reposses it. When a bank repos a car, it's because the DMV has them as a lien holder on the vehicle and they have followed their debt collection rules regarding the collection process up to the point of repo. If you have an informal agreement with the person and no lien or title rights to the car, reposessing it may be considered theft as you have no legal right to the car. Your best course of action is to take the person to small claims court.