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If a person was in jail do they have to pay back child support?


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You still owe the support. It wasn't the child's fault that the individual was in jail. And the child didn't stop eating or breathing while that individual was in jail.


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If a person is already in jail, there is no child support owed.

Yes, but it depends on the state/county.

In the USA, the answer is NO. In fact it will grow.

You will not receive child support if the other parent is in jail because there is no income to garnish. Their back child support will add up and you can file contempt charges for nonpayment of child support.

Yes, In Montana a person can go to jail for nonpayment of child support. In most cases it is when the other person makes it a big deal to the state that they will issue a warrant.

A "purge" means that if you pay a certain (court ordered) amount of money towards your back child support, you will not be jailed or, if in jail, you will be released.

Yes. Being in jail does not get you out of paying child support. You will owe and pay when you get out.

A judge in Florid can award you child support. Getting child support is quite difficult when the person required to pay it has no income.

Yes. To do otherwise would put them in contempt of court and they could be fined heavily and/or arrested and put in jail. But If you feel as if you don't owe the amount of back child support then you need to do a modification you can get all the info you need to do that from this site

They all will if you show you will not pay it back or is even trying.

Not your car nessecarily, but you can go to jail for not paying child support. I don't think you need a car in jail.

There should not have been any accrued support while in jail, according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

No. If the child is in jail, the custodial parent is not supporting the child. Any amount should be paid to the state if required.

The parent that is taking care of the child will get somewhat of a 'grant' from the Goverment, until the parent in jail is released, then he/she will have to continue paying the child support, or risk going to jail again.

The money if for the child not the parent regardless of the situation. That being the case arrearages and current support payments would be allocated by the child support enforcement agency of the state where the minor child/children reside. The payment(s) would be given to the person(s) who have legal custody of the child/children. If a legal guardian has been appointed the payment(s) would go to them.

YES!! They do have what is now called Child Support Jail && Court. They can keep you locked up for a certain amount of time. Like paying for a ticket by going to jail for a couple days. Or they also help you find a job so that you can start paying for child support. But they will automatically deduct 10-25% out of every check before you even get it.

Arrears would continue to accumulate and regular payments plus arrears would resume once released from jail.

no you just sit out your sentence, then you have to pay back what you couldn't pay while you was locked up.

The other parent being jail has no effect on the child support order. The only difference is that the amount which is not paid during the incarceration will go into an arrearage/back child support, since the other parent has no income to pay it. The father must notify the court of his incarceration and request a modification of the child support order so that arrears will not accumulate.

You don't and Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement ruled that arrears cannot accrue. Courts will typically order Huber in child support cases, especially if they are in jail for failure to pay support.

Who is in jail? If the child is in jail, they have custody. If the adult is in jail, they should never get custody. If the spouse is in jail they should not get custody. Jail would have no bearing on the time of custody, just who should be able to even see the child.

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