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Usually when someone who does not normally lie gets caught in one, they won't continue to lie about it because, basically, they aren't very good at lying. Lyng will cause that person considerable stress, and you will be able to see this. You should remember though, that people lie for all sorts of reasons, and whether or not they stick to the lie depends on whether the emotional discomfort of lying outweighs the goal of the lie (for example, if someone is lying to reach an important goal, they may stick to their story).

AnswerWell, it would depend on the lie wouldn't it? If they lied about being somewhere and they werent then they would have to continue to lie to cover it up. If they lied about spending money on something then there could be proof, like a receipt or record. When someone is hiding something and they think they can continue to get away with it then they will. Deception is a hard game to keep straight because somewhere along the line they'll make a mistake or someone will figure it out. Why should someone be typically honest, they should be entirely honest. Once you lie you have to cover it with another and another, etc. They may confess if they have a conscience but then that brings us to the fact that they should have made the right decision in the first place.This one is "Keep your eyes wide open" and your ears.
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Is this how you spell denying?

Yes. The word "denying" means stating that an account or allegation is false. Example : "He refused to confess, denying that he was at the scene."

Will god deny a believer if they continue to sin?

If they continue to sin then the person themselves is denying God (that which is good and holy). God is not denying, he is being denied.

What is a sentence for denying?

He is still denying the murder.There was no denying his unfaithfulness now. The private detective was a good investment.

What is a sentence with word denying?

i am denying your offer

Need a sentence using the word denying?

I am denying your loan application. He was denying that he had a drug problem.

How can you use the word denying in a sentence?

Are you denying that I am doing your homework?

What is elizabeths proof that john is a good man?

In the play The Crucible, Elizabeth's proof that John was a good man was because John did not confess his affair with Abigail. Elizabeth went against her morals, denying the affair in order to save John.

What is an example sentence for the word denying?

Here is an example sentence with the word "denying":All the evidences suggested that Samuel Miller was the murderer, but he kept on denying that he committed the crime.

How many pages does Denying History have?

Denying History has 330 pages.

How do you get pawned jewelry returned that jeweler is denying he has?

Read your pawn contract or receipt. Typically a pawn store has the right to sell pawned items after a certain amount of time.

When was Denying History created?

Denying History was created on 2002-05-03.

What if you're boyfriend is denying you?

If he is denying that he knows you, then you need to dump him and move on. If he is denying sex, then ask why. Please know it could mean he is getting sex elsewhere.

What does the word death denying mean?

The word death denying refers to denying or refusing to acknowledge the presence that someone or something is no longer living in this universe and is not returning.

What part of speech is denying?

The word denying is a verb. It is the present participle of the verb deny.

Why are you denying the fact that I am in love?

On WikiAnswers we are not denying it, we just think that your question is irrelevant to other people.

What is a good sentence for denying?

He had long since forgotten to spare others, by denying himself a wish

What does denying mean?

If some had accused me of committing a robbery and I said I had not done it then I would be denying the crime.

How can one use the word 'denying' in a sentence?

One can use the word denying in a sentence when describing the act of someone stating that something did not happen or take place. One example could be a lawyer asking a defendant 'Are you denying that the crime took place?'.

What rhymes with replying?


Common arguments in denying Free Trade practices?

What are the most common arguments in denying Free Trade practices?

Is openly denying a verifiable fact a Lie?

A lie is generally considered to be making a statement you know to be false. If a person is ignorant of the truth, their false statement is not necessarily a lie until it is repeated by someone who knows the truth. Denying a verifiable fact out of ignorance is just that - ignorance, and perhaps disbelief. Denying something out of ignorance when you CAN (but haven't) verified is perhaps stubborn or lazy, but not technically a lie. The issue is not whether the fact is verifiable; it's whether you know what you are saying is not true.

What are the synonym of negative?

absent, denying

Who was forgiven for denying Christ?


How do you use denying in a sentence?

Yesterday, my friend was denying that i could do the monkey bars all the way in one turn. hope this helped!:)

What are successes of denying the holocaust?

hitlor was removwd

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