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Q: If a person works only 32 hours a week with no insurance benefits are they allowed workmen's compensation?
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Are self employed owners who have no employees required to have workmens comp insurance?

You are allowed up to three employees before you have to do workman's comp.

How do I know how much I will receive in worker's comp?


Are unemployment compensation benefits taxable in West Virginia?

It is my opinion that unemployment benefits received from the State of WV are taxable to the receipient on form IT-140. No decreasing modification is allowed or provided for this income.

How do I purchase North Dakota Worker's Compensation insurance?

North Dakota maintains a monopoly for WC, which means private insurance is not allowed. Contact the state fund at: 800.777.5033 or online at

Where can I find an insurance provider who provides workers comp for all 50 states?

Unfortunately, under current laws, you cannot find one insurance carrier that can sell workers' compensation insurance in all 50 states. This is because five states (Ohio, West Virginia, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington) have monopolistic state funds. In these states, employers must buy their workers' compensation insurance directly from a fund that is run by the state government, and private insurance companies are not allowed to compete and sell insurance. Therefore, the maximum number of states in which any private insurance carrier could possibly sell workers' compensation insurance is 45.

What notification is sent from the insurance carrier to the patient and the provider after an insurance claim has been processed?

The Insured Person will receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from the insurance company which explains the payment by the insurance company, the allowed charge based on contract rates with the provider, and the remaining amount if any that is due from the patient to the provider.

How do you figure out the write-off with primary and secondary dental insurance?

first you should obtain the explanantion of benefits from your primary. it should indicate what the write off amount is. if you're not sure, call the insurance company and ask them. then do the same with your secondary. the secondary insurance will consider the amount allowed by the primary and will usually base their benefits on that. if you are lucky, between the two, you should have little out of pocket expenses.

What would be considered a minimum wage job?

A paid employment position for which the compensation is the minimum allowed.

Why were Jews not allowed National Health insurance?


What is meant by 'accepting assignment of benefits'?

you agree to accept what is allowed by the insurance co You are asking if the insurance company will remit payment directly to the physician's office. Some physician's offices will file your insurance directly and some will not. Those offices that file for you will have the payment sent to them first (assuming that you do not get rejected). After they get paid, you, the patient, will get billed the remaining balance.

Can disability benefits be cancel if you receive a large amount of money from a lawsuit or have a large amount of money in a bank account?

If the law suit is a result of the event or injury that allowed the disability benefit, yes, the benefits can be discontinued, or money may have to be reimbursed to the insurance company. Consult your attorney for the specifics.

If you are collecting retirement benefits can you also collect unemployment benefits?

If you mean you are collecting Social Security benefits (as the retirement benefits), then yes you can. Only 4 states offset the unemployment benefits by a portion of your SS benefits (Illinois, Louisiana, Utah, and Virginia). Other retirements need to be discussed with your state's employment security office because some are allowed, some modify the benefits, and some are not allowed.

Are you are allowed to buy a tag and registration in Florida without insurance?

No. They will not let you register it without insurance unfortunately.

When will secondary health insurance not pay?

if primary paid more than allowed amount or if patient has primary insurance

When someone is on workman's compensation is the employer allowed to replace them?

They by law cannot fire you. But yes, they can fill your posistion temporarily.

Should an individual who is under 65 be allowed or should get a medigap policy?

Medigap policies are for Medicare beneficiaries. Individuals under age 65 are not eligible for Medicare unless they are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits.

Can you write your own life insurance policy as a life insurance agent?

Yes you can. As an agent, you are allowed to write your own policies.

Do you need insurance to drive a scooter on the street?

you are allowed on the path but not the road.

What should I charge per hour as the executor of my mother's estate?

You are not allowed to charge by the hour. Each state sets the compensation for executors as a percentage of the estate. Check your particular state's laws to see how to calculate your compensation.

What will happen if an illegal immigrant works for you and files a workers' compensation claim against you?

The Supreme Court recently allowed a group of illegal immigrants to receive worker's compensation so most likely, they can receive it.

If you are getting health insurance very soon from your job are you allowed to put your mother on your policy with you if she does not have insurance?

No. Most plans don't offer provisions for putting a parent on their insurance.

Are car dealers allowed to sell auto insurance?

I don't know about every state but in Georgia auto dealers are no allowed to sell auto insurance. They used to be allowed to sell insurance but that was stopped back in the early 1990's. I'm not sure if this was a state regulation or a national law but I do know that banks and auto dealers were stopped. Banks have been allowed to start back selling insurance under certain circumstances and in larger cities but I'm not sure exactly the city size requirement.

Can you work for two different life insurance company?

yes why not? Its depend on my ability & capablity Edit: to complete the answer above, many insurance companies depend on insurance agents and brokers to make customers aware of different policy details, etc. Some companies have captive agents who are not allowed to sell other companies' insurance products, but most of them work with contracted insurance brokers which can sell insuranceproducts from different competing companies. This benefits the client ultimately since each insurance company has to show not only the potential clients but alsothe brokers why their product is better.

If someone is collecting full disability are they allowed to work a full time job?

Unless the terms of the provider of the disability insurance decides otherwise, no. You have to be able, ready, willing and attempting to find full time employment to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

How many auto insurance policies are you allowed to have in your name?

As many as you want, there is no limit.