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You can refuse, and a law enforcement officer cannot lawfully enter any structure or vehicle without a warrant, probable cause, reasonable suspicion (under certain circumstances), or exigent circumstance (emergencies). However, keep in mind the number of largely innocent people and minor offenders US LEOs have shot and killed with no charges brought. This will continue so long as the American people continue to permit our laws to be subverted.

Closing thought: law enforcement officers in the US are more accurately slaves to our laws, all by their own volition, not defacto royalty above those laws. Hold them to the standard they should be held.

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Q: If a police officer comes to your door and asks you to step outside can you refuse And if you do refuse can he then forcably pull you outside?
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If a police officer wants to quesion you but you refuse to go can you get into trouble?

If the police officer is asking you to consent to questioning, you may legally refuse. If the officer has reasonable suspicion to detain you, you are obligated to answer non-incriminating questions.

When can you refuse to let a police officer search your car?

You cannot let a Police officer search your car when it has been stolen.

What are my rights if I'm pulled over by a police officer?

The police officer can detain you long enough to cite you, but you have the right to refuse to answer questions or have your property searched.

Can a police officer refuse to give his badge number?

A police officer should show his badge when he approaches you. If the badge is not visible, ask to see it. If you ask for the badge number, the officer should give it to you. If the officer refuses, you should report it to the police department.

What happens If you refuse to take a chemical test when directed to do so by a police officer?

If you refuse to take a chemical test test when directed to do so by a police officer, your driving privilege will bes uspended until a court hearing on the charge of DUI.

Can a police officer refuse order of court when enforcement clause included in Ontario Canada?


If a police officer ask a security guard to leave there post can they refuse?

If there isn't a valid reason for that police officer to be doing that (e.g., the post is part of an active crime scene), absolutely.

If you refuse to take a chemical test when directed to do so by a police officer .?

you get a 1 years suspension to your licsence

If you refuse to take a chemical test when directed to do so by a police officer?

you get a 1 years suspension to your licsence

What can you ask police?

You can ask a police officer any question that you'd like, although I'd recommend you be polite and respectful when doing so. The police officer, in return, may refuse to answer any question that they'd like.

Can a police officer refuse to administer a breathalyzer test?

Yes, a police officer can decide not to administer the test, but if that is his decision, he cannot subsequently claim that the person whom he refused to test was an impaired driver.

Can i arrest a police man?

You could try a citizen's arrest but the police man may refuse to be arrested. It is only a warranted police officer that is empowered by society to forcibly arrest someone.

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