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If a pregnancy test looks negative after five minutes but after a few hours there is a faint line does that mean you are pregnant?


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2015-07-16 18:05:25
2015-07-16 18:05:25

Hi I took a e.p.t like a lil over a week before my period was even due,it was the + or - kind.Well I looked at it after 10 minutes and it still was -.I looked at it again 30 or 35 minutes later and it showed a faint +.It wasnt so faint you couldn't see it,it was definatly a +.I didnt know if I should trust that result (took it 1/15/05) so I went to the doctor 1/19/05and surley it came out a bright pink line.I am 6 weeks now.So its always good that any faint line should be checked into.I hope I helped.


On the box of the test it usually tells you not to read your answer after 10 minutes. You should read your answer with in the first 3 minutes after you get a confirmation in the results window.


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My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

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a faint negative usually means you're not pregnant, but it depends on the test. You'd have to read the full instructions to be sure.

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No. If it's not there with in at least 5 minutes, you're not pregnant

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