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Hi I took a e.p.t like a lil over a week before my period was even due,it was the + or - kind.Well I looked at it after 10 minutes and it still was -.I looked at it again 30 or 35 minutes later and it showed a faint +.It wasnt so faint you couldn't see it,it was definatly a +.I didnt know if I should trust that result (took it 1/15/05) so I went to the doctor 1/19/05and surley it came out a bright pink line.I am 6 weeks now.So its always good that any faint line should be checked into.I hope I helped.


On the box of the test it usually tells you not to read your answer after 10 minutes. You should read your answer with in the first 3 minutes after you get a confirmation in the results window.

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Q: If a pregnancy test looks negative after five minutes but after a few hours there is a faint line does that mean you are pregnant?
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Extremley faint line on pregnancy test hour after it was taken are you pregnant?

No. If it's not there with in at least 5 minutes, you're not pregnant

Could you be pregnant there is a faint line on pregnancy test?


I got a really faint negative line on a pregnancy test and its done that 3 times. does that mean im pregnant?

The same thing happened to me.

What if you tested twice on pregnancy test and both were faint positives am I pregnant?

yes, you are pregnant!

Light positive one negative pregnancy test?

You're pregnant. False positives are VERY rare, even if they are faint, but fale negatives are frequent.

What does a really faint blue negative line mean on an ept?

your pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can a pregnancy test be correct if it was negative at first then appeared with another faint line after 10 mins?

A positive result occurring after three minutes should be disregarded.

I got a faint positive pregnancy test result in the evening and then a negative result first thing in the morning next day Am I pregnant?

If you've had one positive and one negative I suggest you get another test.

If your period is 5 days late and you've had one faint positive on pregnancy test but 3 negative results are you pregnant?

if your concerned go see a doctor its as simple as that.

Are you pregnant if the pregnancy test came back with a very faint second line and then became negative?

A faint second line usually means you are pregnant - but probably have very low HCG levels because you are not very far along. Remember only to read the test within the specified time limit. Usually it is around 8-10 minutes later. Any result read after this time should be ignored. If you tested and showed a faint positive 10 minutes later, and then it disappeared I would take the faint positive as your result and disregard the rest.

I had a Negative doctors pregnancy test seven days ago today i had three faint positive am i pregnant?

Yes. Even faint positives are positives. At the doctor's, it was probably too early to tell. False positives are very rare

What if a pregnancy test shows one dark line and one faint line?

You are pregnant

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