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No, he will simply be discharged from prison. Parole from prison is just a change in custodial level. Once the complete sentence is served, there is no more confinement.

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Q: If a prisoner max's out from his or her prison sentence does he or she have to do probation or parole?
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When does probation start if you are on parole?

This question makes no sense. Parole begins once released from prison and there is time remaining on the sentence. Probation starts when the Court sentences you to probation.

How are probation and parole alike?

in the uk probation is used as an alternative to prison where parole is where someone has been in prison and released on parole x

What is the deffrence between parole and probation?

Parole - conditional release from prison incarceration.Probation - a type of conditional release from jail or a sentence modification in lieu of jail time. Some states also permit probation for a sentence modification in lieu of prison.

How long is a life sentence in Pa?

A life sentence in Pennsylvania means the prisoner will spend the remaining years of his life in prison. When serving life in prison in Pennsylvania a prisoner is not eligible for parole.

How does parole differ from probation?

Parole is when a person has been released from prison after serving a portion of their sentence. Probation is a punishment given instead of jail time, so that the person can be monitored.

Does everyone on parole serve a prison sentence before being released?

Parole is in essence an inmate being allowed to serve their time in the community. All parolees have been to prison. Probation which is an alternative to prison is different even though some felons who have topped a prison sentence are granted probation on a new conviction.

How long is a sentence of life in prison in Florida?

A life sentence in Florida means that the prisoner will remain in prison for the rest of their life. In some states a prisoner who receives a life sentence may be eligible for parole after they have served several decades in prison.

What is the difference of parole and probation?

I'm not exactly sure what you are specifically asking as far as the requirements/education of a parole officer versus a probation officer, but I hope my answer will help. A parole officer is assigned to a person who has been state-sentenced, meaning that the inmate/prisoner has done prison time. A probation officer is assigned to a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony but is not state-sentenced (not sent to prison). They may have served time in the County jail, or may have just been sentenced to probation with no jail time. A person who is on parole HAS to go through the prison system and the parole board in each state is who determines if the inmate/prisoner would be a good qualifier for parole or not. Hope this helps!

How does probation and parole differ?

Probation is a term of supervision ordered by the Court after a plea or finding of guilt. Probation can be revoked for violations and a sentence of incarceration of 1 year or less ordered in jail for misdemeanors. For felonies if revoked a sentence of incarceration for one year or less in jail or a sentence of 1 or more years in State prison may be ordered. Parole is served after someone is released from State prison and they have time remaining on their sentence. They would be on parole for the remainder of their sentence. If parole is revoked the offender is returned to prison to serve some more time or the remainder of their time before again being released. Probation conditions and Parole conditions are pretty much the same.

How much jail time can you receive if you violate your probation in the state of Virginia?

Probation is given instead of a specific amount of jail or prison time. Violate the parole and you will serve the initial sentence in jail or prison.

What is the common amount of time you can be held for parole revocation?

If your parole (or probation) is revoked and you have been remanded to jail/prison you can serve up to the full length of your original sentence.

What states have both probation and parole?

All states have both. Probation is a term of supervision in the community that is sentenced by a Court. Parole is a term of supervision in the community following release from prison, usually for the remainder of a person's original sentence.

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