If a problem is defined as personal who are employed to cope with the problem?

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What are the coping strategies with class socio-economic problems?

Love is the source of every sollution that every human being can ever find answers to their mager question.. there fore the sollution to hiv/aids would be to eulogise people to get them selves involve to denominations such as churches that specialises under the anointing of healing,miracles etc. th ( Full Answer )

Define the health problem?

Many people can not afford health insurance, so health is a big concern for them. Think. Do you go to the doctor and only have to pay, say $20? People without insurance might have to pay $100 for the exact same trip. For those people without health insurance, they usually don't have enough money any ( Full Answer )

How do you cope with problem of not having enough money?

If you are currently unemployed then get a job. Or consider taking up a second job. Cut down on your spending habits and do not charge things to a credit card that you know you can not afford.

How do you cope with the social problems if you are gay and do not want to change?

First of all, you can't "change", so don't waste time strugglingwith that. If you can accept yourself as gay, coping with thesocial problems gets a lot easier. The social problems are very different for kids and adults. Thereare support groups for both, but those for young people may be hardto find ( Full Answer )

What is a personal problem?

A personal problem is a problem that pertains to yourself and doesnot involve others. The term "personal problem" is often useddismissively to mean "it's not my problem".

Define social problems?

Any kind of immoral (bad) activities seen in our society that hamper in the development of a country is called social problems

Define population problem?

Each geographical area (such as cities or countries) has its ownpopulation capacity. When that capacity is exceeded it is calledoverpopulation which is a population problem. The problem is thatthere are more humans than there are resources and it causes andisruption in the quality of life.

Is unemployment a personal problem?

Yes, because it is your problem if you don't have a job. it is personal, but it is also greater than that in the sense that if too many people are unemployed, whole economies may collapse

Jehovah's Witnesses how I find help so I can cope with my problems?

First, we need to pray to Jehovah, the God of the Bible to help you. (Psalms 83:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:17) The Bible refers to Him as the "God of all comfort" at 2 Corinthians 1:3.. A Bible study which is conducted at no charge at a time and a place that is convenient for you can be arranged. Follow ( Full Answer )

Define vision problem?

Answer As per the Oxford Dictionary the vision is: *N 1. the faculty or state of being able to see 2. the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom - a mental image of what the future will or could be like 3. an experience of seeing something in a dream or trance, or as ( Full Answer )

How do insects cope the problem of water loss?

Multiple ways of solving the water problem in insects: a) Coatings - waxes, oils, lacquers = lipids b) Habitat selection - living in a more moist environment c) respiration - living in dry environment = get water from food

What is a problem in making an attempt to define religion?

In True Christianity we find God reaching man through His Son Jesus, bearing the punishment for our sins on the cross. Religion can be seen as man's attempt, by his own efforts and righteous acts, to reach God. Religion cannot save. A relationship with Jesus Christ can.

Techniques involved in defining the research problem?

s a researcher, you must have often read that defining a problem is the first step in a research process. But, have you ever wondered what is meant by 'defining a problem'. Well, it simply means that the researcher has to lay down certain boundaries within which he/she has to study the problem with ( Full Answer )

What problems do reptiles face in desert conditions and how do they cope with them?

They have to deal with heat, predators, food and water. They can cope with heat, because they are cold blooded, and spend most time in the sun, then move to just a shaded spot. They have horns or run fast on hind legs or look poisonus to escape predators eating them, and get enough food and water by ( Full Answer )

What does a person do if they have a problem messing their pants?

You go see a doctor. Also, try to relieve your bowels as soon asyou feel the urge. Don't hold it all in to the last minute, as thiswill make a dirty accident more likely. Be sure to carry a changeof underwear with you. That way, if you mess in the ones you'rewearing, you'll have a fresh clean pair t ( Full Answer )

What is a person who only sees problems?

the best person to see about problems is Jesus Christ because he's the only true living God. It is not a matter of opinion it is the real thing. . Answer A person who only sees problems is known as a pessimist .

What is defining the problem?

The word 'defining' comes from a root word 'define', which means to precisely state something, or describe something precisely. If you were defining the problem, you are precisely describing and stating the problem. Since one of the categories for this question is Maths, I'd assume this can ap ( Full Answer )

Define the social problem of homelessness?

A lot of people have lost their homes because of the depression. Or they can't afford to pay high rents because they have lost their jobs. They need a good low cost safe place to live. An example of this are boats. Some people around Virginia Beach have moved onto boats. Some people who own cabin cr ( Full Answer )

How a person can face financial problems?

This may not be helpful, for i dont know what religion you are, but im positive that if you take the time everyday and pray to the lord for help, i know that he will. you must have Jesus in your heart though. I know you were probly looking for something different, but im only 13, but through eveyrth ( Full Answer )

Why is there a problem in India defining a minority group?

A minority group is a distinct marginalized and sanitized section of a community within a social group in society discriminated by number and socio-economic disparity since the Vedic age ingrained in the psyche of the society by the dominance of the superior class and caste in the Verna system o ( Full Answer )

What problems did TJ have in his personal life?

TJ had many philosophies such as the wall of separation which devides states and religion, this reflects TJ personal life because they had just left a country where their ruler was not only the king of the people but also the head of the religion and this created a lot of conflict; TJ didnt wants th ( Full Answer )

How can you manage your personal finencial problem?

When it comes to managing your personal financial problem, the first thing that you should do is to create a monthly budget. This way, you would know how much money you have and how much are you suppose to spend. Then, you can allocate your money to pay for the things you need to pay. If you don't h ( Full Answer )

What problems can the desert inflict on a person?

The greatest risk is dehydration if a person did not bringsufficient water. Sunburn is also a concern as well as thorns andspines from desert plants if a person is not properly dressed andshoed. Venomous snakes and arthropods such as scorpions are a minorthreat.

How do you define a good problem?

A good problem is a problem that no matter the outcome both are positive. For example a good problem is not being able to decide on a dessert because both choices are good.

What types of technical problems did shakespeare have to cope with when writing his plays?

There are a lot of them, and they are the same kinds of problems playwrights face nowadays. For example, in Merchant of Venice, Portia and Nerissa exit, disguised as men and in the next scene must reappear as women. At the beginning of that scene, Lorenzo and Jessica have a long and seemingly point ( Full Answer )

How do you define a scientific problem for a project?

You write down the facts/observation you have and what those. You then come up with an possible explanation for what the facts/observations tell you . Following that you describe what you will do to test the validity of your explanation.

How do you deal with a person that has anger problems?

A person with anger problems needs to come full circle and realize they have an anger problem and seek Anger Management Courses which is similar to Cognitive Therapy. There isn't much you can do about a person who is very angry most of the time. If this is a friend then communicate the fact to them ( Full Answer )

What is defining the problem in home management?

Superstition is heavily included throughout the play, right from the start. It could be to blame because the superstition that Mrs Lyons created through emotional blackmail on Mrs Johnstone ends up coming true and they both die as soon as they find out they are twins. Because of this, it could say t ( Full Answer )

Is defining a problem part of the scientific method?

No, you do not need to define a problem. The steps of the scientific method are: 1. Having a Question For example, "Does water boil at different temperatures depending on air pressure?" 2. Coming up with a Hypothesis A hypothesis is your best guess as to the answer of the question. In this ( Full Answer )

What are ways of coping with problems?

Yikes. A very broad question indeed, but a fair one. . Facing it head on and working toward a solution. This is a good method assuming that there is sufficient knowledge and experience to bring about progress. . Seeking advice and counsel, but not too much counsel, and not for too long. . Retre ( Full Answer )

What are the techniques involved in defining a problem?

TECHNIQUES INVOLVED IN DEFINING A PROBLEM: . As a researcher, you must have often read that defining a problem is the first step in a research process. But, have . you ever wondered what is meant by ‘defining a problem’. Well, it simply means that the researcher has to ( Full Answer )

How can individual cope up with emotional and mental health problems?

It depends on the kind of such problems. If they are light and caused by stress, problems at work and in family, one can cope with them dealind with real-life problems, having enough rest and sleep, readind specific litherature... But if the emotional and mental health problems are strong, it's bett ( Full Answer )

What is defining the problem in statistical investigation?

It's deciding what you want the results of the investigation to be. . You might want to know the mean value of something in thepopulation. . You might want to know whether something appears to be true ofthe population. The two problems would be approached differently.

What is that persons name who helps out with you problems?

Depends on what problems... Psychologist helps you with a lot of problems Tutors or Teachers help you with educational problems Your religious leader of your place of worship help you with religious problems As you can see, you should be specific on what you are looking for when you say "help you ( Full Answer )

How do you define a problem?

In everyday language, a problem is defined as the differencebetween a desired state and the actual or present state. It is adeviation from some norm, standard, or goal. It is a situation,circumstance, or state of affairs which we feel ought not to existand that is an obstacle to the satisfaction of ( Full Answer )