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NO. I hope this didn't just happen to you! Seek medical help immediately. Even if no help is available, cutting off your foot is not an option.

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Should you cut hamsters nails?

No, you should go to a vet, unless you can do it without cutting your hamsters foot.

If a human scrotum were cut how far would it stretch?

About a foot and a half, i should know!

How many bites can it take for you to cut your arm off?


When did van gogh did cut off his foot?

He never cut off his foot, it was his left ear!!!!!

Can a rattlesnake survive with his rattles cut off?

Yes. Sometimes they drop off as well.

What should you do if dogs foot is swollen?

Take it to the vet, there may be glass, plastic, staple or something sharp stuck in it, if not there may be an infected cut on its foot.

Can you get staph infection from mosquito bites?

yes any open cut

Swimming at the lake a rock cut sue's foot what is wrong?

Swimmin at the lake, Sue cut her foot on a rock.

How do cats cut there bell button off?

With their claws? The females bites the umbilical.

What happens if a walking catfish bites you?

You will probably get infected by the bite, and have a bad cut.

Rescued Y N A and it's claws are so long they curl around to his foot pad What should i do about that?

cut his nails or take him to a vet or groomer to have the nails cut

Are rattlesnake tails poisonous?

No part of a rattlesnake is poisonous. However, the rattlesnake is venomous and the head is the part of the snake you need to be concerned with, not the tail. A poison must be ingested to kill. A venom must be injected. You can drink rattlesnake venom with no ill effects unless you have a sore or cut in your mouth or a stomach ulcer.

A cut on your foot?

bummer. bandaid.

What should you put on a dwarf hamsters foot if it is bleeding?

There are specialized products that stop the flow of blood in a cut. If it is serious you should bring your pet immediately to a veterinary.

Why doesn't the sole of the foot bleed when cut?

Well, the sole of your foot is a very tough substance. If you somehow stood on something sharp enough, it would most likely cut into your foot.

Why did Kunta Kinte get his foot cut off?

Kunta Kinte got his foot cut of cause he made 4 attempts 2 escape.

How many 2-foot-long boards can she cut from the 9-foot-long board?


How Long should a rabbit's nails be?

if the rabbit's nails are curling then they should be cut, but it has to be done bit by bit, because the kwick grows with the nails and if the rabbits nails bleed when they are cut put the foot in flower to stop the blood flow

What should you do if someone bites you and it breaks the skin?

When a bite breaks the skin you should first thoroughly wash the cut be it with soap and hot water or peroxide the put some antibacterial cream on and cover it with wrap a simple bandage will do.

Where is the cutworm from?

When you step on manure when you have a cut on your foot.

Why do you not mete out real justice to Ivory dealors like cut of their hand or foot?

I don't know but they should get a taste of their own medicine!

Why are there toenails on your foot?

there are toenails on your foot because they just grow like trees that is why you have to cut them

How do you stop insect bites from itching?

You can cut a onion and rub softly over itching it will stop

Why do dog bites heal?

maybe because they are to tired to jump up Dog bites heal because it almost the same as a cut you have something in your blood that are like disk the block any blood from flowing out of a cut and help the cut heal that is what happens with a dog bite but make sure to clean the cut as well a dogs mouth may carry allot of bacteria

How did Rattlesnake Point Park Niagara Escarpment receive its name?

I believe Rattlesnake Point got its name from the snake-like path that occurs along the edges of the Niagara Escarpment. These were cut by glaciers, many, many ages ago.