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If a recipe calls for chicken stock can you use chicken broth instead?


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Yes. The only difference is the way the broth is simmered. When making broth you use the whole chicken whereas stock you use the bone.

The only time it would make a difference is when you are using it to degalze a pan. Unlike broth, stock will bind with the dripping to create a sauce.


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If you are cooking and the recipe calls for wine, you can substitute chicken broth, beef broth, or water.

Yes chicken soup can be used as broth. More than likely the soup will already have salt in it so if your recipe calls for extra salt you might not need as much. Just add in seasonings and salt according to taste

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To make one quart of chicken broth, use 4 cups of water to 4 teaspoons of chicken bouillon. I would use a little more water to account for evaporation. In my experience, the broth made from bouillon is a bit on the salty side. If a recipe calls for more salt, I would wait and taste the dish before adding more.

Condensed broth has had some of the water boiled out of it, thereby concentrating the flavor of the broth in the liquid that remains. It shouldn't matter if you use condensed broth as long as you mix it with some water to thin it out first (it's the same principal as making orange juice out of a can of orange juice concentrate).

Each bouillon cube will make one cup of broth. So to make one cup of broth, you'll only need one cube. If your recipe calls for more than one cup of broth, just add a cube for each cup it calls for. Make sure you avoid adding extra salt to the recipe until you've tasted it, as bouillon cubes are often on the salty side due to the concentration of the flavor.

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