If a relationship isn't going anywhere is that good or bad?

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Well, technically its bad.
But you should wait a while to see where things lead up to. Maybe things can be fixed but if you see that nothing seems to change then its best to walk away from the relationship. Remember you cant force anyone to be with someone they dont love.
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What is good and bad about going to war?

take it for me war is bad because many people die, and you also have to spend a load of money, if you like it or not if you have anymore quistions here is my email krusherkrug@gmail.com

Why do you continue risking everything for nothing if he won't leave her for you and tells you this isn't going anywhere and why do you keep doing this with him if you have a good life and great kids?

Answer . \nMany women make the mistake of buying the garbage a married man has to dribble out of his mouth. Most of it is a lie! Often, some men just want the thrill of having a mistress on the side, yet go home to a wife that isn't all that bad at all. I've always been smart enough (when youn ( Full Answer )

How do you make a good relationship free from the bad memories of a past abusive relationship?

here's my personal quote for which i live by "yesterday is gone and today starts a new life for which you control, if you wake up thinking about wrongs of yesterday you have already ruined the day, and you have to start all over again the next" and if you ruin to many days you will look at yourself ( Full Answer )

How long does it take a 50-year-man to know his feelings and if the relationship is going anywhere?

Answer . Where does this person want the relationship to go. If they want a casual companionship than dating and doing things together is where it will go. If they want something more serious then they need to talk to the other person involved to see if they are on the same level. I dont know if ( Full Answer )

How do you let go of a bad relationship when dont want to?

You need someone to spend time with, maybe a friend or family member' Do not take any calls from them! Try to stay busy to keep your mind off them as much as possible. Pray and ask God to help you do the right thing. Ask Him for His will to be done.

Live in relationship is it good or bad?

Yes - it can go either way ... Communication is the key ... at least going this route before making a lifelong committment into holy matrimony will let each know what it will take to make it a success.

How do you tell a bad relationship from a good one?

A bad relationship is 1 where no one talks alot or doesn't communicate in any way.Also arguments and jealousy is involved. A good 1 is where you 2 are happy with each other and love each other alot and communicate.

What does it mean when a black woman is dating a white man and he tells her that the relationship will never go anywhere that he need someone like himself?

Sounds to me like this guy can't get over himself and his own race. Well, if he wants a white girl, let him find one. As for you, you deserve better than to try and be in a relationship where race is a constant issue. Find yourself a wonderful man who will love you for who you are! And not all white ( Full Answer )

What should I do when I love the girl I am dating but I don't see that the relationship is going anywhere and I want to break up with her but I love her?

What Can You Do When You Love The Girl You're Dating, But The Relationship Is Going Nowhere And I Want To Break Up With Her? . The reason you are having problems is neither of you bother to communicate and you are second guessing what the other one thinks. If there are things that you don't like ( Full Answer )

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Are second chances on a relationship usually good or bad?

It depends on the person, if they have the same feeling for you then yes but if the person thinks you wont change then probably not it also depends on what you did . Relationships are always such personal things that no general rule can be stated.

Why do relationships go bad?

It could a mixure of a lot of things:. 1. When you love them too much that you forget about yourself. 2. You stop doing the things that you use to before they came along. 3. Both of us stop communicating and stop trying in the relationship. 4. You stop being yourself & change into someone you do ( Full Answer )

Is the PSP Go good or bad?

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Is it bad to keep big secrets from your boyfriend even if your relationship isn't very serious?

depends on the relationship yall have agreed upon ...... it is really an opinion and based on circumstance .... if it is something that would cause yall to fight or end the relationship then , in my opinion, it is better to get it out in the open then keep it locked up ... the quicker he knows the l ( Full Answer )

Going to Malawi..good or bad decision?

It is a beautiful country with friendly people, but it is a poor country and very underdeveloped. If you are going on a holiday, go to the lake. Try to rent a private boat for an unforgettable holiday "away from it all".

What are the bad and good signs in a relationships?

The bad signs r mostly when a guy asks you to talk that means he is going to break up with you in which case it can be a bad or good sign depending on if you like the guy or not another bad sign is when he stops talking to you as much as he used to and he puts of things which means he is cheating. I ( Full Answer )

Why do good girls go for bad guys?

cause they think that bad guys can like protect them and treat them better and let them have a good time,but for all those girls out there,dont be stupid to date a bad guy,cuz if u do,da next thing U'll know your boyfriend is in jail,in ur rite hand is ur baby, and in ur left is a sign asking for sp ( Full Answer )

Are long distance relationships good or bad?

I have had a long distance relationship and found that it is hard to keep the lines of communication open. To really have a good strong relationship you need to see, speak and be with that person all the time. In a long distance relationship this is impossible and people grow apart with time.

How do you know if your relationship is going anywhere?

You both are trying to make an effort to stay with each other:. Working things out, trying not to cause arguments, being honest,etc. If your relationship isn't going anywhere then your bf/gf is insensitive, lies alot, isn't romantic or doesn't say sweet things, basically just doesn't really care wha ( Full Answer )

What it means when you dream of going back to a relationship that was very bad?

The dream reflects your old emotional habits, as well as doubts and lack of confidence in yourself. However, if you know that the relationship was very bad, and made your decision to break up based on clear thinking, then you should not allow dreams to change your mind. Dreams are influenced by feel ( Full Answer )

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Are open relationships good or bad?

Personally I've always felt odd about open relationships, it's almost like saying "we can sleep with anyone we like, but probably mainly each other". Now although this might sounds quite cool to a lot of teenagers and swingers. Making a relationship on that premise is sort of just exclaiming that y ( Full Answer )

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How do you tell if she isn't happy in her relationship?

First and foremost, ask her. See what she says. But if she says she is happy, but you don't believe her, some signs may include; -hiding text messages -avoiding hanging out -seeming depressed or gloomy around you -being rude/bitchy to you for no reason -seeing someone else behind your back -lying - ( Full Answer )