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Unless there is a note by the deceased (while alive) with a date and signature on it giving that person permission to handle their financial affairs as they see fit, then it's illegal! The only way this is really legal is if the person was made Power of Attorney which gives them the right to pay bills for the person that is ill; food shopping, cloth shopping, etc. By law, they should keep all receipts and do some basic bookkeeping to show where the money is being spent and what is coming in such as "Disability, Pension checks, etc.," and what is being paid out such as electricity, water, credit cards, telephone, etc. If you feel this relative scammed the family then I suggest you see a lawyer ASAP! If you feel the person is trustworthy and just doing a good deed and didn't realize they should have had a Power of Attorney, then let it go. Before accusing a relative of stealing from the person, look at the credit card statements and see if they spent money on the person involved, or they simply went wild and spent it on themselves. If the latter is true then the credit card statements are proof and you can take them to court and make them accountable. Marcy

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Q: If a relative claims to have gotten permission and can't prove it to take cash funds prior to coma and death used debt card no signing rights most money gone got back some can balance be written off?
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