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If a serpentine belt has cracks can it cause you to get in a serious accident?


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Drive belts are used to turn the alternator , power steering pump , water pump and air-conditioning compressor , Due to their function and material make-up , the belt are prone to failure after a period of time and should be inspected for ( cracks , separation of the belt plies , fraying and glazing ) It is reccomended to inspect the belt periodically to prevent major engine damage .As for your question can this cause a serious accident ? that's hard to say ?? Be on the SAFE SIDE get the belt change, safe driving to you


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Check for small cracks or excessive wear in the surface of the belt, oil on the pulleys or buildup of debris in the grooves of the pulleys. belt tensioner may also be faulty. possible overstretched belt.

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Many things can cause a serpentine belt to come off. Most likely, it slipped off, or the tensonier that holds it in place was not tight enough.

It can be the cam belt or the serpentine belt. The cam belt must be replaced every 90,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. If the belt breaks you will have serious engine damage. Replace the cam belt if it is due for replacement. Inspect the serpentine belt and replace if you see any cracks or fraying. If the serpentine belt looks fine or you replace it and the noise is still there, replace the cam belt no matter when it was last replaced. It can be the idler pulley for the cam belt needs replacing and is not holding the correct tension on the belt. This can cause the belt to break even if it is new.

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Hey Amy==It depends on the make, and which engine you have. I would check the bolts on the a/c compressor, and the belt for correct tension and if it is a serpentine belt check it for cracks and brittelness. Goodluck. Joe

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