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Q: If a seventeen year old female moves in with her eighteen year old boyfriend and they are both still in school can the local authorities have any charges against them?
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Can a seventeen year old stepdaughter fight a restraining order put against her eighteen year old boyfriend by her stepfather?

No, but when you turn 18 you can request that the court lift the order.

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If you live in the state of Texas and are seventeen years old and have a boyfriend but parents have restraining order against him is it still legal to live with him?

your parents have the restraining order against him so you can still live with him as long as he stays away from your parents.

In the state of Indiana if a girl is seventeen and her boyfriend is twenty four are the girl's parents allowed to put a restraining order against the guy just because they don't like him?


Can a 15 year old live with her 17 year old boyfriend even if one of her parent is against it?

well it's illegal until you are seventeen . but if you wanted to run away sure ?

Can a teenager move out of there house at the age of sixteen with there boyfriend who is eighteen?

Yes, but only if they get emancipated from the family first. Otherwise no, it would be a Juvinial Detention Sentance for them... because running away is against the law!!!

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Can a dad get a restraining order against his daughters boyfriend He's trying to get back at her for moving to my moms. Her boyfriend has done NOTHING wrong...?

Techically he can't get a restraining order against the boyfriend because it would probably be against the law.

What legal action can be taken against a seventeen year old Californian male who impregnated a seventeen year old Californian female?

Absolutely nothing, unless he/she is claiming it was a rape.

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What should you do if your boyfriend is nearly eighteen and your fifteen and he wants you to move in with him?

You are too young! He is no longer a minor, but you are! I would think your parents would have something to say about this. In some States your parents could press charges of 'Statutory Rape' against him. If he loves you he'll wait for you.

What is the younest age you can move out of your parents houe in Alaska?

Any age with parental permission. Eighteen if they are against it.

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When I am seventeen in a few months I am planning to move out. I would move in with my eighteen year old friend. My parents are totally against me moving out. in Illinois can the police force me home?

If your parents are still legally responsible for you (which they most likely are unless you've been emancipated), then they may call the police, and the police will escort you home. Unless you plan on going through a legal proceeding to fight your parent's legal custody, you need to wait until you're eighteen to move out.