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its is a 8 in womens so would also be a mens 6.5

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Q: If a shoe size is 6.5Y US what would it be in a mens adult size?
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Is a youth size 7 shoe the same as a mens size 7 shoe?

Yes they are This is because shoe sizes increase in size from youth through to adult - There are no equivalents in adult and youth

What is the average shoe size for an adult?

The average shoe size for an adult would be around size 8 or 9.

What size shoe would i be in mens if im a 6 youth?

you would be a size 4 or so, you usually go down two sizes for womens to mens shoe sizes

If you wear a size 9 in womens then what would your shoe size be in mens?

11, because my friend's a size 8 in womens and size 6 in mens

What is size 9 mens philippine shoe size to mens uk shoe size?

What is the asian size for size 9 for womens nikes

What are the Jonas Brothers shoe sizes?

Nick Jonas's shoe size is 8.0-8.5 mens. Joe Jonas's shoe size is around 10 mens. Kevin Jonas's shoe size is around 9.5 mens.

What European shoe size is UK shoe size 3?

If its a mens size 3, it would be a European 35. If its a womens size 3, it would be a European 35.5.

What is size 7 in big kids size converted to mens shoe size?

Size womans 7 will be a mens 5. You go down two sizes when converting mens shoe sizes into womans shoe sizes.

Largest shoe size?

the largest shoe size is size 12 mens in elephant

What size shoe does Robert Pattinson wear?

his shoe size is mens size 10

What size in a women shoe would it be if you wore a 9.5 in mens?

usually you must go up 2 sizes to find out the woman's size. In your example, your shoe size will be 11.5. The Style of the shoe also plays a role in what size you are in womens or mens

What is Jason Aldean's shoe size?

jason's shoe size is a 9 in mens

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If you wear a size 6.5 in women shoes what size in men shoes?

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