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If a small payment is made after the statute of limitations expired does this reset the clock in New York State?


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2015-07-15 19:45:52
2015-07-15 19:45:52

To the best of my knowledge, YES. Thank you for including what state you were inquiring about.


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There is no statute of Limitations on warrants in any state, but if the Statute of Limitations for the crime has already expired, even though you will be picked up on the warrant, it will be thrown out once you get to court.

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What you are asking about is a statute of limitations. If a creditor files suit after the statute of limitations has ended, you can file a motion to dismissed based on the expired statute of limitations. The length of the statute of limitations depends on the state and the type of claim they'd be filing against you.

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Answer: Probably not. You can only sue if you have a promissory note (promise to pay in writing) and they have a short statute of limitations that has likely expired. Check your state statute of limitations. A mortgage would have a longer statute of limitations.

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The statute of limitations for arrears of child support in the state of Washington is ten years after the payment is delinquent. In the case that a minor is emancipated, the statute of limitations is ten years after the emancipation.Ê

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