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If you were not at camp or on base at the time then yes you are AWOL big time! If you were somewhere in camp or on base and just decided not to turn up you weren't AWOL, but you sure are goin' to get it! LOL Marcy AWOL stands for absent without leave Michael

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Q: If a soldier in the reserves does not report for duty is he AWOL?
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What are call-up papers?

an order, as to those in the reserves, to report for active duty

What is the sentence for being awol from the army?

The US Army is full of abbreviations and acronyms. AWOL is an acronym that stands for Absent With Out Leave. When a soldier cannot be found, such as when a soldier is taken hostage during war, he is deemed DUSTWUN pronounced Dust One. It stands for DUty STation Whereabouts UNknown.

What does a call-up notice mean?

An order, as to those in the reserves, to report for active duty

When you run from your duty?

Dereliction of duty, going awol, shirks responsibility, etc.

DOES A Reserve soldier has basic active duty date?

Yes. The date you report in for Basic.

How do you write an explanation answer for letter of AWOL?

To write an explanation answer letter of why you were AWOL you should include your name, rank, and specifically why you weren't on duty. You can start the letter with," please accept this as written notification as to why I was AWOL."

What happens if a soldier in the national guard doesn't go to drill?

He can be courtmartialed for being AWOL (Absent Without Leave). And unlike active duty, you wont go to jail, you will bedishonorablydischarged and it will be a hefty stain on your record.

What are the reserves and the National Guard?

The National Guard and Reserves are branches of the active duty military.

Is there a list of AWOL army reserve?

The only way you can AWOL from the Army Reserve is if you're called to active duty, and fail to report in. If you miss your UTA drills (10 days of drill missed will get you discharged), it's typically just a discharge for unsatisfactory participation, and you could go back in 30 days later if you wished.

What does AWOL mean?

AWOL is an acronym standing for "Absent Without Leave" - meaning that someone was absent without proper authority from the appointed place of duty at which one is supposed to be stationed.

What is a M day soldier?

A soldier who drills regularly and is not on active duty.

If you are in the army reserves will you have to go active?

You can be called to active duty.

What happens if you refuse to leave for basic training in West Virginia National Guard?

You are considered AWOL from military duty.

What is the meaning of Robert frosts poem a soldier?

Robert Frost's poem, A Soldier, is a musing on a soldier's duty and the meaning of sacrifice. Although a soldier dies, the spirit of that duty and the honor lives on.

Can you switch from active duty to reserves?

Yes, once your active duty contract is expired, and you reenlist for a reserve component.

What does the National Guard do in Iraq?

The same as the active duty army and reserves do.

How old do you have to be a soldier?

You have to be 18 years old.Actually the minimum age to become a Soldier (Army of course) is 17. However, you must have your guardian's consent to sign any documents because you are under the legal age of 18.If you are talking about another branch:Active duty Army - 17- 42Army Reserves - 17- 42Army National Guard - 17- 42Active duty Air Force - 17- 27Air Force Reserve - 17- 34Air National guard - 17-34Active duty Navy - 17- 34Navy Reserves - 17- 39Active duty Marines - 17- 28Marine Corps Reserves - 17- 29Active duty Coast Guard - 17- 27Coast Guard Reserves - 17- 27Now as far as Army maximums go, I do believe the maximum age limit of 42 (raised in 2006) was a temporary "study". It may have changed back to 35.

Is there a legal duty to report a crime?

For most people, there is no duty to report. There are exceptions. Some states require that a therapist report a dangerous patient. Many states require that people in charge of children report possible abuse. Unless there is a statute that requires a person in your position to report a crime, you have no duty to report it.

What are the requirements for being awarded the Purple Heart?


Can you join the air force reserves without serving active duty?

You can enter the reserves without passing through any active duty. While on reserve, you may be called into duty, and there is no way to avoid this; however, it is only a possibility and a slight one at that, as opposed to a certainty.

Can you switch from active duty to the reserves?

Yes; once your active duty contract is fulfilled, you may reenlist for a reserve component.

Use dereliction in a sentence?

The soldier was charged with dereliction of duty after he left his duty post.

What is the pronoun for The sister ordered the nurses to report to the sister when the nurses went off duty?

"The sister ordered the nursesto report to the sister when the nurses went off duty."She ordered them to report to her when they went off duty.

Can you go marine corps active duty from army reserves?

I dont know can you?

Can you join the NROTC while enlisted in active duty or reserves in the navy?

In the Reserve, you can.